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is it MS?

I went to the Neurologist yesterday, he did reflex and balance tests. My reflexes were "off" and I have involuntary eye movement in my lead eye. Also looking to the left I see three but to the right I see one and a half. He sent off a script for Clonazepam and an MRI with and without contrast. I had already had a CT and it didn't show anything and all of my lab work including Vitamin D and B 12 are all good. So the Dr. said it sounds like I have MS....I asked him to be optimistic and he said then it could be my inner ear, I go back in 4 weeks....that's so long for an answer!! what do you all think? I'm freaking out!! I'm 30 years old I have three kids and one of them just turned one...If I do have MS will I still be able to parent my kids and do things with them? would an eye exam be helpful with the diagnoses? I just had one six months ago. my symptoms are dizzy, blurred vision, numb, cloudy thinking, cant talk as fast as normal, and a couple times my leg didn't do what I was telling it to do, legs shake going up and down stairs and tired.
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Hi and welcome,

It's in your best interest to keep very open minded on what could be causing you these issues at this early stage of testing.....MS is honestly just 1 of many different types of medical conditions that can cause these types of symptoms.....breath!

In regards to if you would still be able to parent your kids  and do things with them IF you were actually diagnosed with MS, the answer is a definite YES!

MS is not the same as it was before the disease modifying drugs became available, there are more symptom treatment option available now and patients today are more informed and connected. People with MS  if they are so inclined can still climb mountains, run marathons, wakeboard, raise families, finish their education, have careers and live their dreams....

The brain and or spinal MRI is typically the first step in the diagnostic process, it helps rule out or in a lot of the potential causes but further blood tests, lumber puncture, visual, peripheral nerve tests etc etc are also part of the diagnostic process of working out what it might be. 4 weeks may seem like a long time but it's honestly not unusual for it to take months and sometimes even years before tests conclude the causation so hang in there!

Hope that helps......JJ
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Thanks for all that!!!
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