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questions about MS hug

I know there are a ton of posts on this, but I still haven't found my answer.

I whined about this last week, and it is still going on. I did go to the neuro a week a go, and it may or may not be a MS hug and it may or may not be the start of a relapse. I had an MRI yesterday, but they didn't use the right protocol. I have to have it redone today. So I don't think I'll get any answers before the weekend.

Anyways, back to my question...has anyone ever had it come and go on a day-to-day basis or at least the intensity go up and down? For example Wed when I saw one of the neuros I really didn't hurt. I just felt a couple of muscle twitches. Then yesterday, for about an hour I thought my ribs were trying to crush the life out of me again.

Is this normal of an MS hug? Have you noticed if sitting up, stretching to reach something, or anything like that makes it worse?

Thanks for any answers.

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That generally hasn't been my experience with the hug.  for me it comes on gradually, gets to the point of extreme stiffness/squeezing around my ribcage, and takes days to weeksto subside.  I haven't found it fluctuating in intensity on a daily or hourly basis.   I do find I'm most uncomfortable with it when lying down, just because it makes it difficult to roll over.  And I suppose it does seem worse when talking a lot - I find I get breathless - and if I've eaten too large a meal.  But generally it's a pretty constant squeezing sensation until it resolves, usually with the help of IVSM.
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This probably won't help you but I have been having the same kind thing as you for the past few months.  I just got diagnosed and am waiting on the same MRI results.  My "hug" or whatever feels like tight muscles but they are crampy and spasm-y.  If I move too quickly they kind of seize up or lay wrong or just for no reason like breathing.  I haven't been wearing a bra unless I have to see people because it aggravates it.  

I have been confused if it is the hug thing too since the intensity fluctuates and it is more like a muscle spasm.  To really describe it, it feels a lot like pleurisy sometimes, I had that a long time ago and off and on in my life since have had that pleural rub hit me here and there but maybe it wasn't what I thought.
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My experience is that I do get the intensity in my rib cage for a shorter time, could be just an hour could be 3.  But it's more like this happens for a week, then maybe a month later it happens again.  Mine feels like my stomach is being pushed under my rib cage.  It starts off slow then builds to a high intensity.  
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