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stings, shocks, burning feeling

58 year old, tested once for MS years ago when I started loosing my vision it was negative.  As long as I can remember I have had stinging on the outside of each thigh, now it has started on my stomach.  A new symptom has started, at night I'm waking up due a electric shock feeling on my tongue.  
I have several different diagnosis's to explain each and every symptom.  I have periods through out my life where I call them my lazy phrase's.  Most of the time I'm up very busy, yard work, hiking, gardening, crafts photographing and so much more, but the older I get the harder it gets.  Like now, I have a feeling of tireness in my muscles.  I feel weak and it takes all I can do to spend 30 minutes racking leaves and picking up sticks.  I feel like my muscles are setting up like concrete.  
I also, write stories.... and my thought process is slower and it takes time to process ;what people are asking of me.  Any suggestion?  Any Thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Tomgirl,

Well, what you describe sounds a lot like me.  I had (and have but a lot less now) the numbness/burning on the outside of my left thigh for ages, and to a lesser degree on the right. Like you, I was given a diagnosis of something else - in my case paresthetical neuralgia, which is generally caused by nerve entrapment.  Blew that off and didn't worry much about it, natually.  I also had and have, a numb spot between my spine and shoulder blade, that I never even mentioned to anyone, attributing it to neck problems I had.  And seriously, both of them could have been from those aforementioned reasons, but in retrospect, doubt it was either of those. As for the tired, yes, I call it like being dipped in concrete and then trying to walk through molasses.  

Anyway, you said you lost your vision.  I'm assuming only temporarily. You didn't say how/which eye was affected, or what tests were done.  Can you give a bit more information about that?
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MS fatigue is like running out of gas. You go and go and then you have no energy at all. If I am holding something when it happens I drop it. Like when I am using a screwdriver or cooking. The pot or screw driver hits the floor. There is no muscle pain just no energy what so ever. The next day you are fine again. Usually but not always MS starts with Optic Neuritis and eye condition that effects one eye.

The fastest way to find out if you have a neurological problem like MS is to have your GP do a neurological exam. That is reflexes, following the light, pulling and pushing on limbs, etc. That is how my GP found my MS and sent me to a neurologist. After my Neurologist did a neurological exam he sent me for a MRI which showed MS. It took another two years and lots of tests to be diagnosed with MS.

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