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undiagnose illness

below is the last mri i had, my situation is getting worse, memory is faint, getting lost easy, even inside my house. can keep a conversation with people without mixing words, even though I think that I am saying the right words.
Hit my head in 2008 than things got worse, using some medication did help for a while but starting having sizures.

46 yo M with 7 years Hx of episodic R hemiparesis of unknown
etiologywhich is now worsening. Concern for new vascular event vs
tumor Covering resident/fellow/PA/attending: Dr Weber
VA Pager: #
Backup pager:
The patient has had bone/joint surgery No
The patient is here for comp & pension exam No
No - Metal in eyes No - Infusion pump No - May be pregnant
No - Neurostimulator or bone growth stimulator No - Brain
Aneurysm Clip No - Cardiac pacemaker, implanted defibrillator
or internal pacing wires
Examination: MRI of the brain with and without gadolinium.
Technique: Sagittal T1 FLAIR, axial diffusion-weighted sequence
with corresponding ADC map, T1, T2, FLAIR, GRE, sagittal
postcontrast 3-D SPGR with axial and coronal reformats, axial and
coronal T1 spin-echo postcontrast sequences, coronal with fat
History: Right hemiparesis
Comparison: MRI of the brain, September 28, 2011.
There is an 8mm FLAIR hyperintense focus adjacent to the frontal
horn of the right lateral ventricle (series 5, image 11). There
is no evidence of associated enhancement or significant mass
effect, however the lesion is hypointense on T1-weighted
sequences. Imaging features are nonspecific.
Otherwise, there is no intra-or extra-axial mass, hemorrhage, or
mass effect. The ventricles, cisterns, and sulci are not effaced.
No brain parenchymal signal abnormality or abnormal enhancement.
No restricted diffusion. Note is made of prominent perivascular
spaces within the bilateral basal ganglia.
The orbits are unremarkable.
Major vascular flow voids are preserved.
The sinuses are clear. The mastoid air cells and middle ear
cavities are well pneumatized and clear.
No focal suspicious bone marrow signal abnormality or abnormal
1. No acute intracranial process.
2. 9 mm FLAIR hyperintense focus adjacent to the frontal horn of
the right lateral ventricle is nonspecific and may represent
periventricular small vessel change. Additional differential
consideration would include a focus of demyelination, although
there are no additional lesions nor development of new lesion in
comparison to prior study and correlation with clinical history
and physical exam findings is recommended. No evidence of
associated enhancement or significant mass effect. However, given
asymmetry and T1 hypointensity, a followup MRI of the brain
without and with intravenous contrast in one year is recommended
to demonstrate stability.
Primary Diagnostic Code: Significant Abnormality; Attention Needed
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It says you have a lesion near the ventricle. Since there is only one they want to do another MRI in a year to see if there is a change. MS lesions can be near the ventricle but most neurologist want to see more lesions.

Have you seen the neurologist yet. It will be up to him to decide what to do next. He may want to wait and see. That is normal for neurologists. I had three lesions on my MRI classic to MS and it took tow years to be diagnosed.


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Hi Joe-

Other than you cognitive issues do you have other symptoms? Many folks with MS experience what is loveingly referred to as CogFog. This includes trouble finding words, forgetting the end of a sentence after you start it, not remembering what common items names are etc...

While many experience CogFog it is very rarely the only symptom. As Alex said, your concerns and the MRI results are things you should discuss with your neurologist. Have you scheduled an appointment?

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i had some misdiagnosis, first they thought it was a stroke then it changed to complicated migraines, after to todd paralysis or epilepsy and lastly to unknown. I had seen about 6 doctors in a span of 7 years. my condition includes a right side facial drooping, slur speech, some days the right side of my body is very weak and numb. all of this relates to a head injury while i was deployed in Iraq.
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Hi Joe - With a single lesion and possible clinical confirmation, Clinical Isolated Syndrome (CIS) is a possible explanation. CIS can otherwise be called a first MS relapse. If new lesions appear, or if there are changes to your cinical exam CIS becomes MS. If there are no new lesions or changes to you clinical presentation it would stay CIS. I would suggest that you see an neurologist that specializes in the diagnosing and treatment of MS.

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