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Dizziness and Vision Problems

My 15 year old daughter has been experiencing constant 24/7 vision disturbances for the past 4 years.  She says she feels like her environment is a "box" and that the box is constantly slowly rotating or tilting.  The sensation is worse when in large open spaces (football field, gymnasium) but is always present even in small spaces.  She has had headaches, so we have been thinking migraine, but I have never heard of a migraine causing rotating/tilting vision all day, every day for 4 years.  We have seen an opthamologist, ENT, and are scheduled to see a neurologist.  Any ideas on what this could be?
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  Hi...I know that must be a very frustrating condition to deal with....there are many  conditions with similar symptoms so tell her to continue to push for answers and testing to help get the answers she needs...

Could be so many diff things, POTS, is  the first to come to mind or something similar in the Dysautonomia family.

I would strongly suggest getting copies of ALL testing...blood labs, MRI's CT's what ever testing is done along with reports this will make it easier to get 2nd or 3rd opinions.

  Keep us posted on what u find out.

   Good luck
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