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Random Adrenaline Jolts...?

I wasn't quite sure where to post this, but my latest doc suspected it might be neurological so hopefully this thread can help me out...

I'm a 22 year old female, in decent shape and moderately decent health. Out of nowhere a few weeks ago, I began experiencing what felt like random jolts of adrenaline. It usually occurs when I'm laying down and completely relaxed (like when I watch TV, read, or try to fall asleep), but it has happened while walking and standing still. Sometimes I get a slight uneasy feeling right before it happens, and other times it will occur without any warning. I felt a rush in my head and a pound in my heart, and my entire body convulses for a second, and I can feel the tingly adrenaline course down my limbs and into my fingers and toes. I also get pretty dizzy for a minute afterwards. Each episode is only a second or two long, and they often happen multiple times per day.

I do have anxiety, but this feels very different from an anxiety attack, and I'm not under any abnormal amounts of stress. And like I said, it usually happens when I'm totally relaxed--plus, my doctor doesn't think it's anxiety-related.

I went to a cardiologist and he did an ECG and 48 hour holtor monitor--both of which yielded normal results. I had blood work done which failed to show any signs of blood sugar or thyroid problems.

I find it also important to note that I've always had low blood pressure, and I have trouble standing up quickly after sitting or laying down. And sometimes when I move my arms above my head, my vision starts to black out and I get lightheaded. But doctors have never seemed too concerned about this.

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I have the exact same thing happening to me. I have low, but normal range blood pressure too. I am healthy, work out, 34yr female. I don't know what these jolts are, but they are exactly as you described.
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Just curious here, did you ever get a diagnosis for your issue?  It does sound like some anxiety issue to me, but my main thought is that you need to have a CT or MRI done of your brain!
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Hi Scorpiochild,
Just to let you know that I have the same thing as you and none of the doctors I have been to have have any idea what it could be.

These are my symptoms.  Like you I do not feel like I am under any above normal stress and my health is otherwise very good.

• A pulse/jolt from time to time.  Affects hand/foot/arm.
• A jolt that seems to affect all body
• After above, sometimes feel sickly, dizzy, lack of concentration.
• After some episodes my heart is racing, plus feel sickly, dizzy, lack of concentration.
Struggle to read without feel like it will happen again.
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Recently became afflicted with random sudden surges of light headedness, slight disorientation and, yes, sickly but not greatly so.  Can strike sitting up or lying down.  Often happens mid-day or an hour or so after falling asleep at night.  Had a mild concussion two months ago and suspect might be a factor. Have had long term digestive problems, especially upper abdominal gas with heart palpitations.  With these jolts, surges, seem related to my stomach, possibly adrenalin?  Can also get sudden, brief heart flutter
along with it.  Have quit alcohol, caffeine and gone to bland diet.  Have a couple of good days, no problems, and then symptoms back.  Throughout all this, have had a fairly consistent light dizziness, not vertigo, but rather unsteadiness.  All this for about three weeks.  Been to family doctor first and then two trips to emergency.  All vitals fine.  Hoping it is some weird virus, but anxious.  My doctor arranged for 24 hour haltar heart monitor and had me do Metanethrine urine test.  No results yet.  Empathize with you all, having an affliction not exactly mainstream.  Welcome any comments.
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I tried to just post I don't know if it did but it's usually found in people with depression mostly found in patients with PTSD where your brain shoots random Spurs of dopamine in feelings of relaxation or happiness it's neurological but it's not bad it's pretty normal and the standing up fast can cause you to be dizzy that's just in everybody you might not be eating healthy atm
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