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why can't i find out whats wrong with my head

I used to have panic attacks which I think triggered my problem.  My head always feels like someone has got their whole hand on top of it and they are squeezing it.  I like to wear my hair up in a ponytail, which may have something to do with it..but I'm not sure.  I've had two MRIs with no abnormalties.  I've been seeing Chiropractors for a year with no results.  I'm wondering if I should stop seeing a Chiropractor because I feel I'm wasting my money. On the other hand, I don't know what else to do.  If anyone has had this problem or has any medical advice for me....please help!!!!!
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how does your head feel when you do not wear ponytails?  and how long it your hair?

when mine was a decent length i wore ponytails and headbands and had horrible headaches, just down right painful, (which i think could trigger a panic attack, wondering why the headaches are happening), anyway it took a while to put 2 and 2 together that that was my problem.  

especially with all the tests and doctors you are seeing and getting no results, give it  a try at least 2 weeks......

let me know


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Hi hparker!

A good news though is that your scans are all normal, which means we should not dealing with anything life-threatening.  From the way you describe your headaches, it seems that you have a "band" or "tension" type of headache.  These are usually stress related.  I agree that the chiropractor may not help much.  I suggest you seek consult with a specialist in headaches (neurologist).  He can prescribe you with medicines to relieve your symptoms and anxiety.  Relaxation can also be a big help.  Avoid stress as much as possible and try to have recreational activities, things that you enjoy.  Massage treatment (by someone you know or through a spa, your choice) can also be beneficial.  I hope this helps.  Regards
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April's comments seem like a good idea, on the ponytail.  I had a friend at work who had long hair, wore it in a ponytail braid.  The doctors said the weight of it was pulling her hair out, which I don't know about that, but I myself have to be careful how I put mine in a ponytail or it hurts.  Mine is to the waist, and I've taken to braiding it and putting a band on the end, instead of up on the head.  I also want to suggest since you want to quit the chiropractor, give a professional massage therapist a try.  They can physically work out those muscles in your neck and shoulders and back, to where not only do you get rid of muscle tension headaches, but you also get rid of lots of everything else that bothers you.
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