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Any help with b6 toxicity symptoms and healing time

Tremors and muscle twitching.  Shivering inside. Its been 5 months and i feel like im getting worse. April my level was 169. July down to 30 but i feel like im getting worse.  On gabapentin and propranolol and seems ive built an immunity to drugs.
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Gabapentin is a drug that many finds poops out and needs to be increased on a regular basis until you're too high to do it anymore.  There used to be someone on this website who used it for anxiety, and he found it worked when he reached the maximum dose and it pooped out to go down for awhile and back up again.  Was a long time ago, so don't know how he did it.  Was on the anxiety forum, I think.  If it isn't working you can also try Lyrica, which is the new version of the drug and the one most used nowadays by pain docs.  I have no idea if it works for this problem, though.  Not sue what the beta blocker is doing for you on this score, but I'm no doc.  It lowers heart rate if you have that problem.  You might try making sure your Vitamin D and magnesium levels are good and might try adding more even if they are -- they can also affect nerve function.  If you up your intake of B12 and folate, you might find the B6 goes down more quickly, as they are in balance in the body and too much of any one of them can lower the body's absorption of the others.  If you look on the archives of different forums on this website, there are a lot of long threads devoted to this problem and I'm guessing Googling it will bring you to websites that are for people with this problem.  Also, and I have no idea if this would help or not, but CBD oil, a hemp product, might provide a calming effect.  There are also quite a few herbs that are relaxants that act on GABA, such as kava, valerian, hops, passionflower, skullcap, and a whole lot more.  Gabapentin is basically an artificial substance that in theory acts like GABA, which is the body's relaxant and also prevents seizures when it's working as it should.  Taurine is the speudo-amino acid the body uses to manufacture GABA, but of course it does this in combination with B6, but you've got plenty of it.  Don't know if this would help or not, but if Gabapentin is thought to be of help, so might this approach.  You'd have to ask a doc who wasn't hostile to natural medicine and knew something about how it works.  St. John's Wort has been used for centuries for nerve problems, and can also be taken in a homeopathic form if you're trying to avoid possible side effects.  Basically, while I don't know what will help, I do know there's a lot that nature has that docs don't study that also helps to relax the nervous system and the nerves, but whether it would help or hurt in this situation I don't know.
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