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Hi today i was joined in the fitness center but i am failed in all exercises. while walking on the threadmill i am feeling dizzy within 7 minits and i am unable do the abdomen more than 8 times and other exercises.So any body please suggest me the right protein food and which is the best exercise for redusing abdomen and chest building
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You must have a healthy diet. You must also do cardio and weight training
to maximize your results. I would suggest talking to a trainer at the gym as to your specific requirements as everyone has different goals. If you have not worked out before, you will need to build up you endurance. It will not take long if you keep working at it. Are you trying to do a low carb diet? If you are, you do not need to work out as intensly. If you are not then I would suggest having a small amount of protein and carbs before you work out. Such as an apple with peanut butter or 1/2 banana with peanut butter. This will give you some energy.Once you get into working out a little more you can incorporate some supplements (I prefer natural) such as pyruvate and chromium , L-carnitine and some protein powders for shakes for fat burning and muscle retention and building. Good luck.  
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Hi,phen actually my plan is redusing my weight my height is 5-10 and weight is 84 kilos.so i am joined in gym. to reduce my weight I am just doing the aerobics in the gym and small exercies to the stomach like crunchers. Now i am feeling very tierd  all the day and my stomach mucles are troubling me lot of pain., and my diet everyday i am taking glass of lime water mixed with honeyin the early morning before going to gym..is it good? and i am taking low amount of breakfast with protein powder drink( mixing the powder with milk). and afternoon lunch is rise and leafy vegitables. and in the night i use to take a food made with wheatflour.and milkprotein powder.
Now my doubt is i need to change any thing in my shedule.or it is ok.which type of diet will suits to me .what type of exercies do i need.especially for weight reduction... plz advice me with.all details.
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Work on what you eat first. You need to eat about 6 times a day small portions and stay away from wheat - especially if you want to lose weight. Before going to the gym - eat breakfast not just water and honey. Eat something with protein. Then make sure when you finish your workout you have a light snack of vegetables or a small portion of protein as well. Then at lunch eat rice with steamed vegetables and protein again. Afternoon snack on a piece of fruit and for dinner eat white fish or tofu with salad or steamed green vegetables. This will definately help you lose weight and ensure you are getting what you need. Also take some supplements (vitamins) to help build your energy. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.
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Hi, phen ,i want to reduce my stomach part ,its looking like in round shape following are my activities can u suggest according to those actives and features, to reduce my stomach:
height: 5.6 feets
weight: 65 kg's
designation: S/W Eng
Exercise: not doing any thing till now
I am ready to do dite bcoz i have no time to do exercise.So plz can u suggest some dite food details

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