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Raw meat cravings

My step father is 72 yrs old. He had lymph cancer 20 years ago where they did what is called a radical neck to take a tumor that was wrapped around his carotid artery out. With the surgery they removed most of the muscle on the one side of his neck. The combination of radiation and the movement of the trachea have made it difficult for him to swallow and this has recently become even more of a problem for him. Other than that he has been a very healthy person who it took me months of begging for him to go back in for a check-up and to see if there is something they can do to help him. He always would take a bite or two of raw ground beef when making burgers or meatloaf, he says he developed a taste for it as a child being an army brat and living abroad (Beef Tar Tar). Recently I have caught him eating about 1/3 lb at a time though I thought that this was because of the swallowing issue but he has confessed that he is craving it. Does anyone know what causes this or if he needs a doctor what kind?
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Some times people get cravings when they are lacking essential nutrients, or when they are out of balance.  Also, research pica.
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