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Weight Gain and Breakouts

I've always eaten healthy but the last year or so I have really buckled down and paid very close attention to what I've been eating and of been exercising on a pretty disciplined regimen. I've gained about 10 or so pounds since I've started a stronger diet and exercise program (not muscle, my clothes are not fitting) and within the last few months my face is been breaking out really badly. I can tell something is off with my body,  and it doesn't make sense that I  have gained weight and having these symptoms and issues since I started doing boot camps about 3 days a week and getting more strict with my nutrition. Now the skin breakouts is an added frustration, almost acne-like, when I've had good skin up until now, with just occasional random breakouts.
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It is not unusual to gain weight when you first change your diet. As far as the acne goes this happened to me when I stitched from a western diet to a raw food diet. In my opinion it was my body getting rid of the built up toxins in my system. After about 2 months the acne cleared up.
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don't skip exercise. daily!
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