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Unnecessary Habits

I have not be diagnosed with OCD. But lately I have began to accumulate habits that are unnecessary. They drive me up the wall but I have to do them... if i don't "it doesn't feel right" and bothers me until I just do it.

The biggest and most annoying one of them is that i look be hind me constantly when moving from one place to another to make sure I have not left anything behind. Even when I know I have everything. And if I look and it still doesn't feel right I have to look again and back again until its right. The only place this doesn't happen is at my own house. I hate the way people look at me when I'm forced to look. And its time consuming.

Another one is looking both ways as if to cross a street when opening my locker.

This one normally happens at home because in public I put toilet paper on the toilet seat before sitting. But at home before going to the bathroom I have to examine the toilet seat before i sit. If i don't then i have to stand back up and do it or else I can go pee.

The last one I have really noticed is with numbers. The numbers must be either even or "right" number in order for it to be okay (this does not happen when doing math problems only things in daily life) A "right number" is a number that I can a associate it somehow. One number that is a "right" number but is not even is 5.

I don't know why I have do do these things and if I don't have a great deal of anxiety. I think for the most part they have to do with fears but am not sure how.

Does anyone know why this is becoming more and more common with me and I am gaining more habits like these? How do I stop this from increasing? exc.

I have bipolar 2, anxiety, ptsd, and insomnia.

Thanks for your help.
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Hello, I actually have bipolar, anxiety depression and OCD ...I have had it for about 2 yrs and the symptoms started out with the checking like yourself ..numbers and counting.. now I have a whole new set of fears and things I have to do to relieve anxiety. For me mine got worse as time progressed. I am in CBT..maybe you should try something like that? Try seeing a doctor to get a diagnosis
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I'm sorry to hear that I hope things get better for you.

Thank you for your consideration and I will. :)
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Thats what I thought at first as well, but I went to my doctor and then later refered to psychiatrist, and found out I did indeed have it! Its managable but mine is quite bad at the moment. Let me know how it goes
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Thank you for your feed back. I wasn't sure if it could accumulate in to OCD but if it happened to you, its probably likely thats whats happening to me. Ill talk to my therapist about it next time I see her and see what she thinks. Better to get it figured out now instead of when I have a bunch of unnecessary habits. :)
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