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Ankle Sprain

Exactly 2 weeks ago, I sprained my left ankle (rolled, stepped on someone's foot) during basketball.  It was immediately iced and wrapped in an ankle brace.  There was no bruising the next day and I could walk on it with a limp the day after that.

I have been rehabbing it in the last week and I could jog and even sprint forward.  However, there is some pain in lateral movement and pain at the bottom of my foot when i cut (in basketball).  Also, when I rotate my ankle clockwise, there is pain when my toe reaches about 4 o'clock (the original direction of the sprain)

About how much longer will it take before it is 100% or close?  Also, what is a tendon damage during a sprain?  Could I have some tendon damage or ligament tear?
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Hi, I sprained my ankle and torn some ligaments half a year ago. And I have to say that even after this long I can still feel it, especially while I am running. During sport I have to wear a brace constantly and it is still not 100%. Have you been to doctor? They will tell you if you have torn ligaments.
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Hi, Ankle sprains are the most common of all orthopedic injuries. The anterior talofibular
ligament, calcaneofibular ligament, the deltoid ligament, and the syndesmotic
ligaments are the major ligaments involved in ankle stability. The anterior talofibular
ligament is the most commonly injured ligament. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation
(RICE regimen) is the standard treatment for a few days following a sprain.
The use of a walking cast or fracture boot with the foot in slight dorsiflexion often
allows patients to assume their normal activities much faster than without support.
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