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Cause of my Hypermobility

I have hypermobility in my left wrist, all my fingers, my knees, my ankles, and my elbows.

I have had hypermobility for as long as I can remember. But lately, I've been having problems because of my hypermobility.

For about a year or so, some of my tendons have been snapping.

One of the biggest problems is a snapping ECU tendon in my left wrist. It doesn't hurt, but it gets pretty annoying. You can see the ECU tendon moving out of place.

Another one is my left thumb. When I move my thumb up and down, the tendon controlling my thumb snaps. If I put my finger over the tendon, I can feel it sliding out of place.

If I make a fist, I can feel the tendons in my fingers snapping. It sometimes gets sore in my fingers.

And my left elbow is a huge issue. I can feel and hear something in my elbow crunching if I extend my left arm. I have never broken any of my arms, or any of my bones.

My ankles are another big issue. If I move my ankles, I can feel a tendon snapping. I found a name for this one: slipping peroneal tendon. And there is no pain in my ankles.

And last night, two of my fingers locked for the first time. It was my ring finger and my middle finger on my left hand.

So now, I'm trying to find a cause for my hypermobility. Please post a reply if anyone has any ideas.

I also have several other issues: I am a hypochondriac (how I found this website), I have Visual Snow disorder (rare), Gluten Sensitivity (I have been on a 100% gluten free diet for several years), and Panic disorder.


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