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Corrective Foot Surgery

I had bunion and hammer toe surgery about 4 years ago; I had it done on both feet(one at a time).  My left foot was my first surgery and everything went well; healing was normal and range of motion in big toe was good.  The surgery on my right foot is another case all together.  I did not recover range of motion in my big toe and when it healed it did not align correctly and the joint does not work.  Now the other toes on this foot are all trying to bend to the left and my third toe is very bent; this causes pain upon walking for long periods of time.  I was just fitted with custom orthotics but they do not seem to help much.  I had an appointment with my podiatrist this week and he suggested that corrective surgery would be a option.  He is not the podiatrist that did my first surgery and said that the first surgery was somehow not done correctly and that now he would have to go in and do three incisions(one on the big toe, the 2nd toe and the 3rd toe.  He said recovery time would be about 8 weeks and I would have to wear a boot that comes up to my knee.  I do not know if I should consider having a second surgery?  Has anyone else ever had a second surgery to correct a previous bunion surgery?  If so, what were the results?  Thanks for any/all info/help.
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Hi....I had bunion/hammertoe surgery almost 3 years ago.  During the recovery I hit my toe and dislocated it.  I'm having surgery Monday to correct it.

My advice....get an opinion from an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in foot surgery.  The podiatrist I saw for a second opinion (great guy...I wish he'd done my 1st surgery) wanted to fuse my big toe.  That's pretty drastic and wouldn't fix the problem (big toe is non weight bearing, 2nd toe is dislocated and bears all my weight).  

...................get it fixed sooner rather than later.  I have bone deterioration because I waited so long.

I have another post on this forum with lots of info about my experience......it should be close to this one.

good luck....I hope this helps.  feel free to send me a PM if you want to ask me any questions.  I'll be out of commission for a few days next week...but should be back online by Thursday.....I hope    :)
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I had bunion/hammertoe surgery and it's been pure HELL,now he wants me to have 2nd surgery to correct 1st surgery.surgery. Dont have range of motion in no toes but big toe,should I consider having 2nd surgery?
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