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Why do I need an MRI?

Foot fracture - Ortho took an x-ray, CT scan, now wants an MRI

I broke my third metatarsal on my left foot from a hard fall at Taekwondo 2 weeks ago. I went to urgent care and the x-ray confirmed that my third metatarsal is fractured. I saw an orthopedic, they took another set of x-rays and they confirmed what the dr. at urgent care said. The doctor told me that the fracture is partially displaced and still aligned, but she also requested a CT scan. I got a call today from my ortho's office and told me that the CT showed several fractures in the surrounding bones and not just the third metatarsal, but nothing looks displaced. So she's ordering an MRI because she wants to make sure she didnt miss anything, which confused the heck out of me for several reasons:

1. How is the MRI going to change my treatment now (being in a boot)? They're not suggesting surgery because they're not seeing anything displaced, so the only thing that will show in the MRI are minor cracks.

2. The earliest MRI appointment I could get in my area is not until late Oct. to Nov. I'd probably be healed by then, so there is no point of an MRI.

Should I start looking for an actual podiatrist and not just an Orthopedic to get a second opinion? I'm trying to make sense of what the doctor is trying to do, but maybe some of you may have some thoughts on it. My foot is barely swollen, I can move my ankle and toes without pain, so I'm not sure what else they'd want to see.
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Sounds like you have a really good oropod to me!  They are being thorough which is what we want. I am sure it is scary to hear that your injury may be more severe than you thought. I would call them back about the MRI appointment time and see if they have a suggestion on how it can happen sooner. They often have pull and get you in much faster by simply reaching out themselves. Hairline fractures may be healed in the boot but they want to know that there isn't something more going on. Jumping to a third provider, a podiatrist is fine if you aren't trusting the orthopedist but I'd give them the information that the orthopod gave you so that they are in the know and perhaps too may want to look deeper so that you can be fully treated and healed. Foot pain can become chronic and debilitating. What you see outside of the foot or feel in pain may not really matter if you have an instability within the bones or muscles of the foot that needs to be addressed. Just my thoughts. It sounds like you would like a second opinion which is certainly reasonable.
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Thank you. Yes, I was able to find a place that can take me in sooner for an MRI. I guess you are right, I'd rather have them to be thorough than not.
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