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Finger injury problems

Last year in July I hurt my ring finger on my right hand. It was due to catching a ball which struck the finger. I had pain throughout the finger, couldn't bend the joint closest to the finger nail. Xrays were taken at the ER and they suspected a crack on top of the joint that is located above the knuckle and also to the inside of this same joint (facing the middle finger). I did see my family doctor a week later and another xray was taken. He said yes it is cracked and wear the splint for another week. The next day he called and said no its not fractured.

Around the first week of the injury I noticed a lump on the inside of the middle joint (facing the middle finger) which isn't visible to the eye only by touch), clicking type sound when I move the finger up and down, pins n' needles sensations in this area and radiating into the hand/wrist, pain when bending the finger.

I did have physical therapy on this finger for four months. However I still have all the symptoms listed above and they haven't improved.

Symptoms that are becoming slowly worse... pins n' needles in the finger which is radiating into the hand. Occurs when at rest but increases when bending the finger. Pain same as the pins n' needles-radiating into the hand, worse when bending. The bump is still there and I can feel clicking type sensation when bending the finger.

I continue to exercise the finger to keep it mobile but can only tolerate short periods due to pain, pins n' needles etc.

It's 6 months now and besides the movement which I am grateful for, the pain etc continues.

I've had follow ups with my family doctor, asked him about the symptoms above, he didn't say anything or maybe he didn't know. I asked my family doctor a month ago if I could see a hand specialist or orthopedic but he didn't think it was necessary.

Should I be seeing a hand specialist or orthopedic??

I live in Canada so we need a referral from a family doctor to see specialists.

Thank you for your help :)

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I would suggest you to go for an X-ray and see if the healing is complete and if you continue having symptoms after fracture healing then it might be tendon problems or nerve problems. I would suggest you to follow up with an orthopedician to diagnose your injuries properly and if required follow up with physiotherapy.

Take care!

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Thanks Dr. Vinod for your reply.

With the initial injury back in July, they thought I might have a cracked finger (took an xray). A week later my family doctor took xrays said yes it is cracked but the next day he told me it wasn't fractured.

So basically I was told there isn't a fracture (back in July 09)

I did go for physiotherapy for 4 months. They can't do anything  more for me but I continue to do exercises at home.

So this might possibly be a tendon or nerve injury with the symptoms I am experiencing?

Thanks for your help!

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