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Labral Hip Tear?

The past few days I've been experiencing horrible pain in my inside right hip/groin area that quite often radiates down my leg into my knee.  It's worse after sitting for a while, which is not a good thing for me because I suffer from severe, debilitating arthritis in all my joints and standing/walking is already very difficult for me.  I also suffer from fibromyalgia, lupus and asthma.

I dont' recall doing anything major that would have caused this, however, my right foot did slip a little as I was getting out of the shower the other day and I'm wondering if this may have caused this problem or at least aggravated somethign that may have been "brewing" anyway.

Does this sound like it could be a labral hip tear?  What else could be the cause?  What could I try to help to relieve the symptoms?
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Hi- I was recently diagnosed with a labral tear in my right hip after a full year of excruciating pain that is in the inside of my groin/hip crease and can radiate to the outside of my hip, down the leg into my knee, and up into my abdomen. I have no idea what could have caused it, but I do know that many doctors are unaware of labral tears- I have seen numerous specialists over this year and I finally just got a diagnosis. I would definitely suggest getting an arthrogram (arthroscopic MRI) of your hip, because your symptoms definitely match. You may also be experiencing nerve entrapments in that area as well- a neurologist can help you with that. Hope this helps- good luck!
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Go to the doctor! I was told multiple things with the same symptoms as you. The doctors were completely wrong because out of all of them 1 said hmmm maybe we should get you an mri. It came back and I had stress fractures. There are so many things it could be because I was misdiagnosed about 15 times before the mri. Good luck and I hope you feel better.
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Thank you both for your replies and information.  I went to my primary doc who sent me for xrays and also made me an urgent appt with an ortho doc.  The ortho doc looked at my xrays and said it didn't look like any fractures, although one area looked a "little suspicious" - whatever that means.  Anyway - she "diagnosed" me with degenerative disc disease and at least one bulging disc that is trapping/pinching at least one nerve.  She put me on a week's worth of prednisone to try and get the inflammation down (as well as pain meds to help control the pain) - I had to call her the beginning of this week to let her know how I was doing (I stupidly didn't go to the doc right away and waited to see if it would clear up on it's own, so that's why the delay).  I'm still in a TON of pain - now also is in my ENTIRE hip area, my lower back, down my thigh and I get some shooting/burning pains in my foot.  Anyway - I go for an MRI on Monday and then have a follow-up appointment with the ortho doc on Wed to go over those results.  Hoping I'll have some more info at that point.  It's been absolutely miserable - can't sit for more than about 5 minutes before being in agony.  Laying down used to help some, but even that has gotten to be very painful.

Thanks again for your help and information - I'll update when I have more information.
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I'm glad to hear that you're getting the help you need. Remember though, just in case it is a labral tear, you won't see it on a normal MRI. You need an arthroscopic MRI where they inject a dye into your hip socket. It's painful- but worth it. I had a regular MRI and nothing showed up. Good luck!
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