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Question about hip x-rays: any sign of impingement/dysplasia or other abnormality?

I have a question regarding some hip x-rays I've had taken recently; I'd like to know if there are any signs of what might be causing the pain. The x-rays were viewed by the technician who confirmed that the SIJ is unremarkable, there's no dislocation or fracture. However, he didn't confirm or deny if there are any other problems (he was a generalist not a specialist).
Here are the relevant details about me:
Female, 37YO, 170cm, 75kg. No known trauma to cause pain, no unusual medical history for this joint.
I've had pain in my left hip for 2 years, usually around a 5 on the pain scale. Pain when walking, sitting, standing, moving - any movement of the hip. I unintentionally walk with a limp/unevenly when it's very painful. (Enough for others to notice). It's not noticeably worse or better in the morning vs the evening.
Having done some research, my symptoms don't match sciatica. The pain is very definitely located within the hip joint. It's not in my muscles, and it's not like nerve pain (which I've had before). There's no back pain or back problems. I'm actively average - I walk every day, have a desk job, do light (walking) exercise. My symptoms are more like the symptoms for hip impingement or minor misalignment - it feels like there's something inside when I'm moving the joint. I have no pain in the right leg at all. The symptoms match up more with something going on inside the joint itself.
I've had the xrays done, but haven't seen a specialist, as that's prohibitively expensive. I will be going to a physotherapist, but I'd like to confirm, if possible, if there may be some issue with the joint itself. If the cartilage is being damaged then I need to know so I can limit further damage or look into fixing it.

I'm very grateful for any info you can give me.
Xrays are here:

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I can't really tell anything from the x rays.  Is there no way you could see an orthopedic doctor?  That would be best.  I have a congenital hip issue in which my hips are not in the sockets at the right angle.  for me, it has made me pigeon toed (feet turn in). That's how it was first noticed. As I've gotten older, I've found I can have hip pain.  Things that help me are weight bearing exercises (dont' do until cleared by your doctor though), staying fit, proper weight (which I struggle with).  A nonsteroidal like ibuprofen also helps.  Do you feel better if you take Tylenol or ibuprofen?
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what about a chiropractor?  Maybe that would help you as well.  And physical therapy can do wonders but they have to know what the problem is.  I would imagine that they will be able to look at your x rays as well.  Let me know how it goes.
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My hips are torn inside. You really need an MRI. I was sent for pool therapy..just walking back and forth. Some days it was too much. I use a heating pad also.
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