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Spinal injury

I have new results of MRI of thorasic section of spine. It states that at the T7-T8 level demonstrates central disc protrusion effacing the thecal sac and slightly indenting the ventral aspect of the thorasic spinal cord without appreciable focal cord edema at this time. There is no central stenosis or neural foraminal narrowing. I had a 230 lb male fall on me while trying to arrest him. Landed half on a curb, half on the street. This would have caused this injury correct? And would it be why I can't sit back for more than 10-15 minutes without my back starting to cramp in that area? Injury occurred about 8 1/2 weeks ago.
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You have to start conservative treatment and the cause of your disc prolapse can be due to this incident or it can also be due to any past wear and tear of your thoracic spine.

You should strengthen your back muscles by proper regular exercises. You should follow proper ergonomics in your daily living. Sit on proper chairs, sleep on proper bed and use proper footwear. Avoid horse riding, riding on motor cycles and all activities which can increase problems of your spine.

If your symptoms progress then you can start taking NSAIDs, consider steroid shots and also consider options for surgery.

Discuss with an orthopedician and explore all options.

Take care!
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Thanks doctor Vinod
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