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Transfer metatarsalgia

Two yrs ago March 2008 I had a Weil osteotomy at a state hospital.  Unfortunately, there was a complication in that I got infection and the 11 mm screw was removed.  Nearly two years later, I am not able to walk properly or much without pain in that there is a callus under the foot in the I think "third metatarsal" area.  The operation was on the 2nd toe, the toe next to my big toe.  It was a small hammer toe.
The result of the failed Weil is:  floating hammer toe, the toe is much shorter than the other toes, so I am walking on only four toes.  I had orthotics insoles made for a specific pair of shoes, but if I wear very open shoes, the orthotics move and slip out, uncomfortable with velcro.
More recently, I notice that the "hammer toe" pains sometimes.
I am attending a foot clinic at a state hospital.  The surgeon prescribed a metatarsal bar.  I had metatarsal bars glued underneath all my shoes at great expense, but the orthopaedic surgeon now wants me to see a private orthotist about a metatarsal bar to wear inside my shoes.

It has severely impacted on my life, I have no friends, have gained weight and my face is ugly from the constant pain.  The toe joint is also stiff.
I saw the medical superintendent of the state hospital and in her email reply letter to me, she states:  "The history of previous complication of infection and recurrence (of hammer toe) represent a surgical risk.  Surgery may not improve the situation and it may lead to further deterioration, with potential complications requiring AMPUTATION"!

I was horrified.  I thought I was just having a small hammer toe op, perhaps the muscles, that's all I expected.

I saw a private orthopaedic surgeon who told me that it can be corrected by means of a BRT Osteotomy (K-wire) or something to that effect.
I am not in a position financially to have it corrected surgically by a private hospital.

What must I do?  I really feel that I need the operation to correct the toe, as besides looking odd, I can't wear any closed shoe, only open flops, beach thongs, in winter the closed shoes and the orthotic inside.  The problem with orthotics is that your shoe is very tight and you need to have something with an adjustable buckle.  Where on earth do I find that?  I am in RSA.  

I just hope and pray that the orthopaedic dept of the state hospital will have compassion and fix the foot.  After all, it is not my fault that the muscle contracted and that I have a floating toe after removal of the screw.  


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I think the Weil Osteotomy is for hammer toe surgery, but transfer metatarsalgia, the callus under the foot is also a complication of bunion surgery.  I don't know.  I am not a doctor.  I just wanted to share my experience with people who know what it's like not to be able to move freely and envy others who walk freely.  I have gained weight too.  My face is ugly, probably from the stiffness and pain for two years now.

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Dear Doctor

I attached the picture (it is not my foot) just to give you an indication / understanding of what is worrying me.  I have metatarsalgia on that spot.  It is fine if I sit all the time, but unfortunately, I have to walk and move.

I think I am on the right track in that I am using orthotics, but I think it may be best to have it surgically corrected.  Foot surgery for me has been the worse.  Not nice, I have to stand on my poor foot.

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