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What can I do with my 27 years old cervical discs degeneration ?

I am 27 years old, didn't have any issues related to my skeletal system whatsoever. I started bodybuilding almost 1 year ago with improving my nutrition which included protein and vitamins supplementation. My last time working out was shoulders; at the end of the that workout I had a bit of a pain on my neck which was familiar to me because I had similar pain in the same workout before many times but it healed on its own. However, the pain that time was extremely worse when I tried to sleep that day. I woke up having stiff neck and couldn't move my head from side to side. I thought it would be muscle problem so I tried using NSAID pills, topical gel and Recombinant Hirudin gel which made me feel better by time. I visited a physiotherapist he gave me EMS and laser session and made a sudden flex on both sides of my neck. After 4 weeks I have slight improvement, but I have some more symptoms like when I try to run I feel a little pain on my left arm and a very little sound when I try to move my neck from side to side at certain positions like tilting my head forward and trying to move from side to side at the same time . I talked to a family doctor and he advised me get an MRI on cervical discs and there I discovered that I have 3 disc issues with degeneration in all discs .

I currently have no problem moving my head side to side but the cracking sound still there at some positions only.

My MRI Scan Images are attached and I have 4 questions and would be grateful for any specialist to help me answer any of them :

1- What is the best way for me to treat the bulging discs ?
2- What are the consequences of my degenerating discs in the future by time I am 45-50 years
old ? Will I suffer by that time ?
3- Will I ever be able to do bodybuilding again ?
4-How can I keep my degenerating discs safe ?

Here are my MRI Scan images :

Thanks a lot !
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