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What is this ?

When running or even walking up and incline like a hill my lower leg gets very tight. Almost like a clamp and is painful.

Pushing through the pain due to my current job the foot of effected leg can not be moved upward due to pain and tightness.

After a few minutes the foot goes numb and pain is at its peak.

Around the back of the calf and almost within the shin bone, i 100% think this is muscle related not bone fracture or what not.

To summarise;

Go for run at intensity
Tightness followed by pain
Tightness turns to loss of motion
Loss of motion turns to almost unbearable pain and dead foot.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  We appreciate your question and this sounds like a frustrating situation to have.  We always recommend being seen by a doctor.  This is going on in both legs, correct? Something to look into is called claudication. This is a lack of blood flow and can sometimes be felt in the calf upon walking or exertion such as you describe.  When claudication happens in the legs, it is normally a result of peripheral artery disease which is when plaque builds up in these arteries. You don't mention your weight or age or general health status but lifestyle changes can help if you are obese, a smoker, have high cholesterol, blood pressure or diabetes.  Improvement in any of those areas helps with peripheral artery disease.  This is by no means a suggestion that you have this but that it is a possibility that you can check with your physician about. Here is more information explaining it: https://www.webmd.com/heart-disease/intermittent-claudication#1

Please also read this https://www.angiologist.com/for-patients/calf-pain-walking/

Let us know if going to the doctor is something you are able to do in the near future.  

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Been diagnosed with compartment syndrome today.

Aged 20
Weight is 160LB pretty much no body fat at 5'7

smoking and alcohol consumption is VERY low.

Very active ( i used to run 3 miles everyday at 7min miles)
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