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21 years old - 8cm ovarian cyst

Hi, I am a 21 year old female who has been on BCP for about 3 years now. Last year, I had a pelvic examination as part of procedure for receiving a year's supply of BCP. No mass was felt. However, this year, I went in for my yearly pelvic exam and the doctor felt a right adnexal mass. I was sent for a pelvic ultrasound and the results showed a 8cm x 6cm x 8cm septated right ovarian cyst. I am extremely paranoid because the cyst is quite large and has started to cause back pain and pelvic discomfort, along with frequent urination and nocturia. My menstrual cycles always have a lot of blood clots. I work in the medical field and almost everyone I've shared this with so far has brought up the idea of having laparotomy to remove the cyst. No results for the CA125 or consult with an gyn yet.  Ultrasound report did not mention what type of cyst it was.  Do I have a choice in either having the laparoscopy vs laparotomy? Any thoughts?
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I'm so sorry to hear about the cyst they have just found. You are very young and I remember being on the same boat as you are when I first found out I have bilateral ovarian cyst with questionable endometriosis since that one is diagnosed laparoscopically for sure. I also work in the medical field so I have an idea more or less of what I'm dealing with but most of the time, I second guess myself or just not that knowledgeable in this aspect. But the best way to go is get an appointment with a good gynecologist in your area and have them monitor the cyst since it is large enough to cause discomfort and the risk of torsion is also high with this size. My cyst upon diagnoses was less than 3cms  each, that was like 10 years ago.. We just monitored it and fast forward to now, I have a beautiful 6 year old daughter. My endometriosis was " calm " for 5 years after I gave birth and right cyst only started growing in the past year.
Today (2/10/2015) is the 8th day of my post laparotomy and laparoscopy to remove the 9 cm right ovarian cyst( endometrioma)  and burning of my endometriosis. Believe me that I'm scared to the highest degree especially of complications but my best advice is to have this checked up on and I'm sure your doctor will request for CA-125. Let us know how it'll go. Prayers and hugs to you my dear.
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And yes, you always have a choice of laparotomy vs laparoscopy... That was my mistake, I went ahead and agree to a possible laparotomy if the minimally invasive was not successful. What I could've done differently was asked my gynecologist for a referral ( or search it yourself) to a gynecologist who especializes in minimally invasive procedures. They're out there, trust me...now that I've gotten more chances to research, wish I did that:( coz laparotomy is way too hard for the body and these cysts can recur so in case of a repeat procedure, it's not that scary compared to open surgery.
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Sorry you are going through this! I can relate in that I had a 9cm cyst. You cannot "put stock" in CA125 results because there can be false positives and false negatives. Benign / non-cancerous conditions can cause an elevated result, even a very high result.

Since most ovarian cysts are benign, you should not need to lose your ovary if you have a surgeon who is skillful at removing cysts. If there is concern about cancer, you will want a gynecologic oncologist to do the surgery but you would still want to save your ovary if possible since removal of an ovary can reduce fertility and cause long-term health problems from loss of hormones. The other ovary will oftentimes pick up the slack but not always. And then you are left with no "spare" so if something happens to the remaining ovary, you could end up in "surgical menopause" (a very life and health altering situation as I can speak from experience).

It would seem that a doctor who specializes in gynecologic Minimally Invasive Surgery should be able to remove the cyst laparoscopically. There is some good info on the web under ovary research. So do your research and get other opinions if you are not comfortable with your current doctor or what you are told. I wish I had done things differently.
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Unless you have the BRCA mutation or a family history of reproductive cancer in both men and women in the 50's or earlier then you have less than a 2% ovarian cancer over a life time. 98% of ovarian cysts are benign cysts can be the size of grapefruits. I was surprised that an ultra sound could show ovarian cancer but it can. Mine showed cancer. I had an ultrasound on Thursday. The doctor called me Monday and told me I had a mass. I saw the Oncologist on the next day and was in surgery in three days.

You probably all ready know this but it is good to go to a GYN/Oncologist. They not only do cancer but complex cysts. You can ask to have only one ovary out or just the cyst and either hysterectomy or no hysterectomy. You have choices.

The surgeon has to go case by case. My gyn/oncologist was famous for non invasive robotic surgery. In my case that would not have worked.

The symptoms of a benign tumor can be the same as for an ovarian tumor especially if it pressing in bladder, bowel and organs.

It is hard not to worry. We are here for support or to answer questions.


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I had a 10 cm endometrioma cyst on my left ovary and my doc did laparoscopic surgery ASAP to remove. I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis at time and it ultimately caused infertility and I needed two more operations and a myomectomy to remove a uterine fibroid before ultimately conceiving using an egg donor.  I would definitely remove cyst so it does not rupture. At one point I was put on Lupron injections to try to help the endo. Good luck!
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