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Major Surgery

Hi there. I posted earlier in this forum - I'm a 24 year old healthy female. I just got back from my gynecologist's office for a consultation after receiving two ultrasounds to confirm a cystic mass on my left ovary. It measured 17 x 15 cm and has both solid and liquid components. It is also septated.

My doctor told me that there's about a 50% chance that it's cancer, but she thinks it's just a large cyst that is a "wannabe" cancer. I've been told that the surgery is major and time in the hospital is 3 days and recup time is 6 weeks.

I feel really helpless and scared. I've never had surgery of this scale before. Can anyone offer any advice?
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Hello there. I also think it is strange for your doc to give you that stat without a proper biopsy. I also wanted to let you know that I am 28 years old and was dx last July with stage 3C ovarian cancer. Feel free to ask me anything or email me personally if you have any further concerns. Best of luck, Deandra
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Sorry about not so good news. It is alright to be scared and I'm sure it has happened to most of us before. You are young the chance to have OVCA is much less, please think positive.  I just want to remind you that it is very important you have a gyn/oncologist on site or do the surgery.  They have extra trainning in the area. I'll keep sending you energes.

I remember that Pinktissue has put some very useful information about surgery, Maybe you can check it out.

Best wish and keep us posted


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I know you are scared.  I just had a mass removed and it was benign but I know what the "waiting to find out period" is like.  Everyone here does.  It would be so great if they could tell you exactly what it is without a biopsy but they can't.  The reason you have to have a big surgery is becasue it is a big mass and it is complex.  It is still very likely benign.  I'm actually very surprised your doctor gave you a statistic like that based only on the ultrasounds.  Have you had any blood tests, ct scans or an mri?  If she really thought the chance of cancer was 50%, I would think she would be referring you to a gyn/oncologist.

You are so young and you will bounce back from surgery very quickly.  I had exploratory surgery when I was 16.  They took out my spleen and my gallbladder (only because it had tiny stones in it) because of a blood disorder.  I was up, back to school and bouncing around 3 weeks later.  You will be just fine.

Good luck to you!
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