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Need to know if it is an ovarian cyst or an infection or something worse?

~I have been in pain since the beginning of the month (11/04/15)
On the first day I remember a sharp pain across my stomach near my belly button, mostly on my left side.

I have had frequent urination since the first day.
(To note the pain was worse when my bladder was full)

I also noticed weird discharge that day, but it went away and is no longer a concern currently.
I have had the same pain, just not as sharp as on the 4th all month long.
My period started on the night of the 17th and the pain was back to how terrible it was in the beginning on the next morning.

I went to the doctor on the 18th, and they tested my urine, no sign of a UTI. Got an x-ray, nothing. She said it was mostly likely a Ovarian Cyst.
So I dealt with that, and was told if the pain returned to go back to the doctor next month, the thing is, the pain hasnt gone away.

Starting today (11/22/15) I have had pain on my lower left backside near were the pain has been located in the front.
It hurts to touch my back, and I am certain I have not bruised or strained it, pulled anything etc.

To note I am only 17. My period has just ended on the today (the 22nd)
No pain medication has helped me.

I am hoping someone, or something, can help me with this, because it is painful and I am worried because I know there is something not right.

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Are you seeing a gynecologist? If you are seeing Primary Doctor you might be better served by a specialist. I am not sure what is going on. When I was younger I had a lot of pain with my ovaries. They would form cysts and then those cysts would burst. It was not much fun and sometimes painful.

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