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Result from a cat scan - do I need biopsy?

Yesterday I did find out that I have a mass in my pelvic area that is really big. In the ultrasound they could not see my ovarie, today I did the cat scan and my question is: How accurate is the result of the cat scan? Is necessary to do a biopsy or the cat scan can tell if it's cancer or not? Thanks in advance.
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I'm sorry you're dealing with this worry right now. My understanding is that a CT scan is quite accurate in determining the size and shape of a mass but the only way to know for sure if you have ovarian cancer is a biopsy. If there is even a remote possiblity you may have cancer you should consult a gynelogic oncologist before surgery - they are specially trained to deal with gyn related cancers and know exactly what to do if cancer is found.   Hopefully it is a benign mass, but you want to give yourself the best care just in case.  Best wishes and let us know how it goes.  Chris P
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It is actually gynecologic oncologist - I got distracted and mis-typed.  Sorry.  Chris P
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I agree with Chris' comments.
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