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Who to believe? Different path findings!!

Hey guys.  I am a nervous wreck right now and need some guidance.  I was diagnosed stage 1c ovca in 07/08, conservative surgery, 6 rounds of chemo followed by getting pregnant and having a healthy baby boy.  I chose to have a full hysterectomy in Aug of this year and they found that I had uterine cancer 1a and a "tiny bit" of cancer in my left remaining ovary. I started chemo again at the urging of my doctor but I also decided to  get a second opinion from MD Anderson.  The doctors there believe that this "tiny bit" of cancer from my surgery is actually just complex endometriosis and are recommending no further treatment for ovca or uterine cancer. I was thrilled to hear this news but my doctor is being very resistant to this and is "standing behind" his pathologists.  Has anyone experienced this?  Any advice would be awesome.  

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Did your local Onc send pathology slides to the docs at MDA so they could test them as well?  I had mine sent there for a second opinion as well, and they were able to determine the type of cancer I had would not respond to the chemo my local Onc was giving me.  But that is not to say that MD Anderson is perfect and the only authority on cancer pathology.  What treatment does your local doc want to try?  This is really a matter of what makes you the most comfortable.  Of course you want to avoid any unneccessary treatment, but if you and your doc feel strongly about going ahead, it could be the peace of mind you need.  Are you comfortable with waiting a little while to see what, if anything progresses?  If you did have your slides tested at MDA, did they test to see if it was low grade or high grade?  That is probably a pretty important consideration in deciding how to proceed.

Although you'll find many different opinions, no one but you can make the decision.  I hope someone else with an experience similar to yours will come along and offer their story.  Until then, I'm sending lots of good wishes that you come the conclusion that suits you best.

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As someone who was also a stage 1A, but clear cell, that after 4 1/2 years of what seemed to be a start into being cancer free, the docs have found another small, and hopefully isolated tumor, which 95% sure will be a re-occurrence. So never in a million years would I think that I would be doing surgery and chemo again, but I will.
Why take the chance?  Like Gail says, did they re-test your slides?  You should get copies of "both" complete pathology reports, get a 3rd oppinion.  You have a son that wants you around forever, so be careful.  Good Luck.  Jane
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I think I would opt for a third opinion at another renown pathology department.
It won't be easy to reach a decision on this if everything stands at 50 - 50;  I would feel I was just guessing.
The only way I can see to get past "guessing" is to get a 3rd opinion.
I wish you all the luck in the world....you are definitely in a hard spot.

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Yes, I agree.  A third opinion is a must.  Let us know what they decide.  Marie
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Thanks guys.  I just sent my slides off to Hopkins today.  I'll let you know!

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Hi Marie -

I don't have anything to add to the above posts as I don't have experience with this myself, but just wanted to say that I'll be thinking about you!  Stay strong and hopefully you'll get the path from Hopkins real soon!

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