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enlarged ovary

Can a ovary go from being 6times the size it should be from still being enlarged but not as big as 6x?

I had a  ultrasound scan about 2months ago because i had 3 water infections and was blood in 1 infection
lower back pain
irregular bleeding
swelling of my (tummy)
pain during sex
excess wind
weight gain etc my leg also goes numb

My new doctor was worried and sent me for another unltrasound the lady who did the scan this time gave me the impression everything was ok and normal but would send results to my doctor

my first  ultrasound scan  surely the nurse couldn't of got the measurements of ovary size 19.3cm  wrong ? then it go to normal? because she would of double checked something like that right?  ....

Is there anything that can make ovarys enlarge and go small again? i know your gunna advise me to wait for my results but im worried this is going to be over looked now

also is it normal to have a dark round shape in your ovary? this came up on the scan and she told me it was normal?

i also have borderline polycystic ovaries and lots of follicles

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sounds like maybe you had a cyst or cysts on your ovary since you mentioned polycystic and follicles..they often rupture on their own with no problems..I would ask some questions, and read up on ovarian cysts and polycystic ovaries.  And make sure your drs. know aobut your family cancer history! It may lead to more tests..never a bad thing! Good luck!
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Also Im 21years old
theres history of bowl cancer and pancreatic cancer in my family.. cancer has been the cause for most the womens deaths in my family.. My nan battled bowl cancer 2years ago which was successful. also we have a member of family battling bowl cancer at the moment.
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