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17yrs post Endometrial Ablation. Is there anything I can do for the pain?

Hi, I am 44 & had an Endometrial Ablation & tubal ligation when I was 27. Pre-op, I had menstruals that lasted for months (my last period lasted 62 days); constant lethargy; hair loss; dark circles under eyes. Saw my ob 16x in 10 mos (full exam) & he continued to switch my birth control as he advised that I needed more hormones. I moved out of state & was referred to a great doctor who took one look (and tests) & advised that I had severe dysplasia, endometriosis, a few cancer cells on my cervix, and I was pregnant. After he found out the fetus quit growing & my body was too weak to miscarry, he gave me an ultimatum (as well as a dnc): Hysterectomy or an Endometrial Ablation w/ tubal ligation.

My periods never regained, however, I have debilitating pain that lasts for months because of my ovarian cysts. Generally I have severe lasting pain & with that, tremendous weight gain, but after several month & sometimes a little over a year, the pain stops & weight sheds quickly. I have tried epsom baths, muscle relaxers, apple cider vinegar, vitamins D, Calcium, B complex, additional B6, E, and hot castor oil packs (which feel amazing). I have recently started taking Resveratrol because... When you have ovarian cysts you basically do an elimination of agitators which generally are: caffeine, alcohol, sugar (all forms), artificial sweeteners, carbonated drinks, & Stress. If I'm missing any, please let me know. I have successfully omitted all the irrigators accept for the stress, but I do try with meditation. I've read that Resveratrol helps the female reproductive system, however I'm not noticing any difference (After 2 mos).

I was hoping by reading some threads and reviewing others' issues & experience, I could gain some additional insight & possible alleviation from symptoms.

I apologize greatly for the ever lengthy post. 17 years post-op - still sucks!

Is there anyone doing something that I'm not that has had success?

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I'm sorry you are dealing with this. Have you had ultrasounds showing cysts? I have read that BC pills can sometimes prevent cysts. Have you considered trying BC pills? Also, your symptoms sound like those of Post Ablation Tubal Sterilization Syndrome (PATSS) although it seems like you wouldn't get periods of relief. Are you having any bleeding during the months when the bloating and pain subside?
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