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I am 42 Year old with 3 kids (2 natural birth one c-section) I have had a cyst on my right ovary for many years but it was always 4cm or so never seemed to concern the doctors or it was not investigated further. Recently, I had a pelvic and abdominal CT as I've been having some pain during bowel movements when I have my period. My doctor thought it could possibly be some endometriosis but called for CT to check into it. CT came back with no findings other than a cyst on my ovary (CT reported it as somewhat heterogenous adnexal lesion) which they recommended an ultrasound to look further.

Today I had the ultrasound and the findings show a 5.9 cm complex cystic lesion on my right ovary with mural nodule. They recommended a MRI without gadolinium for further characterization.

I googled complex cyst with mural nodule and all I see is ovarian cancer and really scary stuff and I'm literally so full of anxiety right now, I am actually shaking I'm so terrified! My stomach has been turning all night. I am going to schedule the MRI tomorrow but I feel like I'm going to be in complete fear until I figure out what's going on.

Has anyone had anything similar and what were your outcomes? I really hope I am freaking out for nothing and all will be ok but I'm extremely terrified. I have scheduled my MRI for tomorrow afternoon but I can't focus on anything and I am having so much anxiety about this!  Hoping someone can calm my fears!
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