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Hormone levels after oophorectomy?

Hi am a 33 yr old female and I just had an emergency oophorectomy. I lost my left ovary due to torsion from 12 cm Dermoid Cyst. My doctor has been no help. I've asked how the hormonal change will effect me and he just said it won't. Then I asked when will my other ovary pick up the slack for the missing one and he avoided the question. I also asked how it will effect my fertility and he said it won't and he doesn't want me to worry. What have others experienced? How long did it take to feel normal again?  If you were trying to conceive how long did it take you to become pregnant after oophorectomy?
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I had an ovary removed last May and while I have had other problems, I did not experience any hormonal symptoms from having one ovary removed.  I did have a few nights of night sweats right after the surgery, but that was short lived and may have just been the pain medicine.

I can't speak about pregnancy, because I did not try to get pregnant afterward, but my doctor did say, as yours did, that missing one ovary will not affect fertility.
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I am sorry no one has responded. I am sorry your doctor has not been very helpful and certainly not upfront. Hopefully, your other ovary will compensate for the one that was removed. But that does not always happen. If you do not conceive soon, you may want to see a fertility specialist or reproductive endocrinologist. Best of luck to you and I hope you are recovered and all is working fine soon!  
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