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Ovary and cyst removed: what to expect now?

10 days ago I had open surgery to remove a 15cm mucinous cystadenoma on my right ovary. Unfortunately most of my ovary had been destroyed by the cyst and had to be removed. I was devastated to hear this, especially as the cyst was only discovered one week previously, and there had been no discussion about having to have the ovary. I am a healthy 21 year old girl, I was on birth control before the surgery and my doctor has encouraged me to continue taking it to prevent the formation of more cysts. I am pretty much fully recovered now in relation to pain and everything. I am worried about what I should expect in the future? Will my periods still be regular if I am on birth control but only have the one ovary. As i'm only 21 and still in college, getting pregnant isn't a major issue right now, but I am worried about not being able to have children when I am older. I would really like to hear about other peoples experiences as I don't really have anyone who understands my situation. Thanks!
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I'm also curious, I have a c-section like scar from the surgery, and since the operation I have had swelling above the incision. It is not very painful, it feels like a bruise, and feels quite hard.I was wondering did anyone else experience this and should I be worried about it?
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I had laparoscopic surgery about 6 months ago to have an ovarian cyst removed. My surgeon had to remove my right ovary and fallopian tube as well. My surgeon told me that with the removal of only one ovary I shouldn't experience any hormonal issues...and I haven't.  Apparently, the remaining  ovary takes over and everything is exactly the same as it was before the surgery.  I have regular periods, exactly as before the surgery.  Nothing has changed.  My surgeon also recommended I go back on the pill, and I plan to do so soon.

As far as getting pregnant in the future goes, I don't think its an issue when you only have one ovary. Again, the other ovary takes over and you still have regular periods, so from what I've heard, there are no issues trying to get pregnant just because you only have one ovary.

Sorry I can't comment on the swelling your experiencing above your incision.  Since I had lapraoscopic surgery my incisions were very small and can't compare to yours.  Did you have your post-op doctor's appointment yet?  I would certainly discuss the swelling with your doc.  

Good luck to you.
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I had a cyst removed & lost my ovary & fallopian tube 3 years ago. Afterwards I was extremely worried that I would not be able to have children, or have a lot of trouble conceiving at least. I am now expecting my second baby, so having only one ovary & tube hasn't affected my fertility.  Also my periods became regular straight away, every 28 days, its true that the remaining ovary takes over the job of two, I still find this amazing every time I think about it :)
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