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stabbing pains 3 weeks after laparoscopic right ovarian cyst removal?

hey ladies is this normal?
i had a 9.5cm cyst removed from my right ovary 3 weeks ago, the surgeon was fabulous, he managed to fully remove the cyst&cyst wall and leave my ovary in.
i had no pain at all on my right size just a. few aches, which i imagine is completely normal after surgery, however in week 2 i started with the exact same sharp stabbing pains on my right side where my cyst was and they’re not going away!
i had a baby in december last year and i still haven’t been able to take him to the park because of this, in may my ovary kept twisting due to the size/weight of the cyst which was confirmed was the cause of my original stabbing pains, so i don’t understand why i’m getting them now :(?? did anyone else who’s had this surgery experience the stabbing pains afterwards? if so how long did they last? i feel so hopeless and my mental health has gone awful because of this :(! please help!
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