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PCOS and dermoid cyst in left ovary

hi. I am 29 and not sexually active. Apparently I have always had acnes on my face which are very big and swelling most of the time. I have also had hair growth on my lips, arms, legs and so on. Generally my periods are irregular. The worst is that I didn't have my periods for nearly 4 months but I have just finished my periods. So I went to see GP. I was diagnosed with PCOS according to my blood test and dermoist cyst in left ovary from ultrasound result. I have just had an appointment with GYN on 7 JAN. My GP said that my dermoid cyst is around 4.5 cm and I will need to have it removed by laparoscopy. At first, I was very upset and worried about having it removed because of student. Later on, I have read on PCOS and I just realized that the only way to treat dermoid cyst is to have it removed. So after undergoing operation, I don't wanna take birth control pills because of side effects and losing chances of being pregnant in the future. So if you know any other treatment like natural harmone replacement threapy or nartural herb or Mecafem for PCOS and dermoid cyst, please share what you experience. Thank you for your help.
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I am not sure a GP is competent to diagnose PCOS - and you just said the GP ran one set of blood tests (what are they?) and that you have one (just one) cyst... the guidelines ask that the doctor rule out several diseases before PCOS is diagnosed so one set of tests does not seem adequate and one cyst just does not seem to fit - after all it is poly aka multiple - cyst syndrome.

Lots of ovarian cysts come and go - but the dermoid cyst is not really in the same class of a PCOS cyst - it could be an undeveloped twin. As for having children in the future, you should still have the other ovary and once you feel better and get your health and your cycle back, all should be well.

I had PCOS and Cushing's disease - many cysts and endometriosis etc. I have no idea what you can take that is OTC or natural - there are some bio-identical hormones though.
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My GP just mentioned the size of the cyst. I had hormone tests in which testosterone is 2.2 ( 0.2-1.8), SHBG ( 30-110), Free Androgen Index ( 0.3-4.0). She also said that my LH is triple of FSH, coz it should only be double. In my pathology report, it said that it is combined results suggestive of polycystic ovary (PCO). Anyway, Merry christmas to all of you..
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hi i am 24yrs i had a dermoid that i was unaware of till it ruptured then i was sent to encroligist and had several bloods that took 3 months to some back now i have been told i have  pcos  ,it is true the only cure is surgery they keep growing thats the problem i have been giving dianette but i am only taking it 2 weeks so i cant advise but i was bleeding every 2 weeks for full ten days and very  heavy when is surgery hope all go well happy christmas x
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