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Scared and wanting to hear others stories

Let me just say this has been a really crummy month!  
History:  33 yo.  c-section, tubal ligation, endometrial ablation, multiple laps for ovarian cyst removal.

I had surgery 3 weeks ago to remove my a 2.5 hemorrhagic cyst, left ovary and fallopian tube due to what they thought was torsion.  When they went in laproscopically they saw no sign of torsion and the cyst had ruptured but took the tube and ovary anyway due to no blood flow.  

A week after surgery i'm back at the ER for right side pain this time.  I was admitted and went through horrible tests and tons of imaging tests.  Am surprised i'm not glowing!  They found another cyst.  This time on my right ovary.  Released from hospital this past Saturday with a RX for Dilaudid and was told that my gyno would see me Monday no matter what.  I was also to make an appt. to see a gastroenterologist.

Followed up with gyno yesterday.  My right ovary has a cyst 4.9 cm.  He had said after the oopherectomy that if I started developing cysts on my right ovary that I would need a hysterectomy.  He said it again at the appt.  He wants to do it within the next two weeks.  There are complications though.  My bladder is fused to my uterus.  So he wants a Urologist there at the surgery just in case.  He also wants a General Surgeon there to run my intestines. That way if there are any problems there it can be taken care of during the surgery. Can a cyst that big grow in a matter of 2 weeks?  If not how could this have been missed?

I'm really scared.  I'm only 33 so that means years and years of hormone pills.  the complications scare me.  If everything goes well then I'll be out of the hospital in 3 days after surgery but if something happens I don't know how long I'll be kept.  I've already gone through the salpingo oopherectomy just 3 weeks ago and now they want to cut my belly open from belly button to pubis and do another big surgery.   I have been staying at my mom's since she has a ranch with no stairs.  I miss my husband and my 12 yo son.  Thank goodness my husband has risen to the occasion and taken good care of him and arranged everything.  I'm whining and I'm sorry.  If i could hear your stories, how long it took you to recover from this surgery to some sort of normal pain free life.  How soon you could handle stairs, laundry, normal everyday tasks would be a huge help.  
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Im so sorry to hear you have to go through this.

As far as I know, cysts can grow quite fast. 4.9cm in 3 weeks is very fast but probably not impossible, and Id be shocked if they missed it 3 weeks ago.

Considering it is just one cyst and you already lost an ovary, you may want to get a second opinion before you agree to a hysterectomy.. Many cysts disappear on their own within a few months (take birth control for 3 months or so), and taking the complications of loosing both ovaries into consideration, I would definately make sure I checked all options. If the cyst causes you a lot of pain or is complex, you will probably need it removed, but maybe you can keep your ovary and everything else.

Was your previous surgery open or keyhole? The recovery from keyhole surgery is significantly shorter than open surgery. As for open surgery I have read the vertical incision is more painful than the horizontal incision.. sorry to say :( It would take you at least 6-8 weeks to be able to do your usual tasks.

I wish you all the best.

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Thank you for your comment.  

I am in considerable pain.  They have me on 2 mg Dilaudid every 4 hours.  I definately know when its close to the end of those four hours.  Am not sure what a key hole surgery is.  This was three small incisions at my belly button, pubis and left lower abd.  

I have a history of cysts.  When they took out the left ovary 3 weeks ago there was the big cyst that had ruptured and then numerous other small cysts on it.  They can only see this one 4.9 cyst on my right ovary so who knows how many other small cysts there are.  I'd rather get it all taken out and be done with it.  No more cysts=no more pain.  Am so tired of the pain and having my life turned upside down by it.  
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Keyhole is laparoscopy, but way easier for me to spell, where they use 3 small incisions to get their instruments in and fill you with co2 gas. It appears to be what you had.

I really dont envy all of you women with painful cysts, I guess Im lucky mine hasnt ruptured or caused too much pain yet..

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