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Should I have both complex cysts removed that are in my ovaries?

Hello, so I found out I have a complex cyst in both my ovaries. My left one is 6.2cm and right is 6.6cm. I have been in pain, moreso on my period. My doctor recommended I go on birth control and in 6 weeks to get another ultrasound done to see if they go away on their own. I’m just worried that they don’t go away while I wait and that they may rupture or even twist my ovaries. I am 26 and don’t have any kids but I do want to.
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Based on what I have learned since my over-treatment for a complex ovarian cyst, I would listen to your doctor and go with monitoring them via periodic ultrasounds.

You do not want to have surgery unnecessarily. For one, there are risks with every surgery. Secondly, many women lose an ovary or ovaries for benign ovarian cysts versus just the cyst(s) being removed (cystectomy). We need both our ovaries our whole lives, not only for reproduction but also as endocrine glands that produce hormones needed by all our cells to keep us healthy. The uterus is also vital our whole lives despite the medical community treating it as if it is disposable after we've completed childbearing.

I hope this helps! Please keep us posted on how all this plays out.
Thank you for the advice! I am just really nervous about the whole thing and I’m not sure why she didn’t order an MRI or CT scan because it was recommended on my ultrasound report. I talked to my doctor again and she is going to set me up for surgery but do an appointment beforehand to do an ultrasound at that time. I just don’t think I can wait. The pain I have experienced is so severe and I’m extremely worried that it won’t get better. If the ultrasound shows it is not getting any smaller than she will have the cysts removed.
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Could the pain possibly be from something other than the cysts? Maybe endometriosis?
I’m not sure but I want to find out. I want to get an MRI and the ultrasound doctor suggested that as well. When I told the Obgyn she said they all say that. Which doesn’t really help me! But I am getting that MRI one way or another lol
They could be Endometriomas which is a type of complex cyst.
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If it makes you feel any better, I had a complex cyst on my left ovary 8.8cm and had to have it removed due to not the cyst but scar tissue. So it is possible to have the cyst removed with removing ovaries. As well as having a successful pregnancy with one ovary.
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You should follow the recommendations of your doctor. In general, complex ovarian cysts are initially followed by repeat ultrasound; for example, 4-6 weeks or 6-12 weeks. If not improved/resolved on follow up, then consider MRI pelvis.
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