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Why haven’t I got my period after a ruptured ovarian cyst?

Ok so I am going to try to keep this long story as short as possible. Exactly a month ago I was just sitting on my bathroom floor playing on my phone when I decided to get up and go back to my bedroom. I stood up and got this horrible, EXCRUCIATING pain in my pelvic region.since it was 2am and I didn’t want to bother anybody, I decided that I was just going to take a naproxen sodium and go to bed and HOPEFULLY the pain will be gone when I get up in the morning. Fast forward to the morning and my alarm goes off and I hope and pray the pain is gone but the second I try sit up it is clear that it’s not. I tried walking to the bathroom but I was in so much pain that I started getting dizzy and weak in the knees and experiencing hot flashes. It was at this moment I knew I needed to tell my dad that something was wrong. Well I managed to walk to his bedroom and he could tell immediately something was wrong because I could barely walk and was crying because how much pain I was in. He then told me he was going to take me to the doctor and long story short I ended up at urgent care. The doctor asked me several questions and pushed on my abdomen and noticed my right side was more tender than the left so he sent me to go get a CT scan because he was afraid it could be appendicitis. After i got the CT scan done I was sent back to the doctors office and he told me that he needed to do a pelvic exam on me to rule out PID because my ovaries were enlarged and there was a lot of fluid in my pelvis. He then determined that he believed I had a ruptured ovarian cyst and scheduled me an ultrasound with a gynecologist. I went in for the ultrasound and she confirmed that that is what it appeared to be and also told me I had ANOTHER ovarian cyst about the size of my ovary itself. She then prescribed me Norethindrone to help get rid of the cyst and told me to come back in a month. Well here is the part I am worried about: the cyst ruptured occurred on the 7th of feb and I was supposed to get my period of the 10th. It is now the 7th of March and I still haven’t got my period. My periods are normally very regular, though painful— and this is extremely odd for me. I am thinking it could be the norethindrone even though my doctor told me I shouldnt experience any symptoms with it. I went back to the doctor yesterday for another ultrasound and the cyst is gone, and I was prescribed birth control for the cysts and a few other reasons... yet they didn’t say anything about the fact that my period was so late and i didn’t want to be pushy about it so I figured it was no big deal. There is absolutely no possibility I’m pregnant, but I’m still worried as to why I haven’t got my period. Could it be the norethindrone? And will birth control maybe make it come? (Sorry this is sooo long)
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Wow, that was a really painful cyst rupture! It is possible that the birth control as well as the hormonal changes caused by the cyst could be the reason for the lack of a period. Does your pill pack have a week of placebo pills or is it continuous birth control?
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