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How do I explain what causes me immense anxiety and stress?

I have Social (pragmatic) Communication Disorder and find it extremely hard to talk to people normally. Often I feel anxious when engaging in any social occasion (even with family members). On top of the list of things wrong with me, I just want to know if there is a good way to easily explain to anyone why I would refuse to say: go to town for dinner, drive in the rain, or talk to someone I find attractive... all those situations stress me out. I’ve accepted that I’ll most likely end up alone because of this, but I’m having a hard time explaining this to others.
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I, too, suffer from this most disabling disease. Psych said mine was a form of autism. I urge you to find a comfortable Psych and work thru this, even try the meds, If one doesn't you will miss out one the greatest Joy's life has to offer and everyone deserves a great live.
We, who suffer from this, just have to dig in , find a Psych and fight for it.
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I want to encourage you to keep working with a good therapist and consider medical intervention. One thing that I think is important is that not everyone deserves an explanation. If it is your family or someone close to you, find a time when you are not extremely anxious and have a frank discussion. I think you will be surprised by their response. It helps them to know the underlying situation and what triggers it. If you work with a good therapist, you can start taking baby steps. But don't be afraid to show yourself some grace.
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