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Help for firefighter partner depression/ptsd

My partner is 27 and a firefighter. I am aware of his job & not naïve enough to think all he does is rescue cats from trees. I know he see's things, accidents, children dying. Usually he knows when things are bad and he has some alone time or he talks to me about it. Sometimes he see's the work councillor. Over the last 2 weeks I have noticed a change. He stayed up until 4 drinking whiskey - he said was a bad day and didnt want to talk about it. not unusal - he deals with it his own way. Hes since been angry and fed up which is very unlike him - he's usually my rock. He was upset about money since moving into a new house. He was paid on Friday and he has just told me he has NOTHING left. He paid rent, and has spent every penny since. He drank Friday night until 4am and then Monday from 11am until 10pm. There is something wrong. He has since told me what the bad day was involving a child and a car – it related to a very personal experience. I believe he is suffering with depression/PTSD. I know him inside out and I have never seen him so low. He agrees with me and says he will get some help - but what can I do? He promised to call the doctors and hasnt yet. I am at a loss of where to turn to help him, I cant just sit and watch him get worse. I am desperate for some tips on how to help. I know I cant pull him out of this, he needs medical help, but does anyone have any ideas on just how to slightly cheer him up or nudge him in the right direction?
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