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Pain meds help very litle anymore

I have been a pan patient for about 10 years. My current meds are xanax 0.5 twice  a day, Percoset 10-325 four times a day and oxycontin 80mg twice a day.  I have  high anxiety and have adhered rigorously to the amounts prescribed.  I don't get any euphoria,all I feel is a very slight reduction of my anxiety but not enoght to make my life bearable.I have had a heart attack, two strokes one on the left side and one on the right side  I suffer from COPD, am on Oxygen and an inhaler I am 83 years old, married to a loving woman 20 years younger than me. The guilt I bear for everything I am putting her through is unimaginably unwelcome. My body is too weak to climb stairs, cook and clean up after myself although I can take car of my personal hygene.

Feedback, either in the public forum or by email or any other accepted way is O.K.

I shoyld have read more beforejumpping right i but I amdesparate for help. I am looking forward eagerly to any and all responses, any
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What do you need to know?
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Go to the doctor and tell him/her everything you just told us here! Better yet just print it out and take it with you! Good luck. Maybe you just need to switch some medications around, or change dosages? good luck........
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You hang in there! you are recovering from another terrible event..it takes time to even hopefully feel better...
I am a 63 yr old female married to my high school sweetheart for 44 yrs..
I AM a cancer survivor and have non-diabetic neuropathy pain allll over my body. I take opiates and hate them so much that I am going to a neurologist who I hope will  not.. just have me hop on one foot then check reflexes, then tell me there is nothing she can do..I have heard of nerve blocks, etc

You have fought for our freedom and I bless you and thank you for that!
One of the best things a 99 yr old British lady did for me was relate her many years of trials tribulations and happier times..She told me more about her days in London during the war..things I had never heard nor read in any book...
Go to your doctor and take your SOS to him!
.Then talk,write,sing your life to the young or any group that there are oh so many of! I guess if you are too Ill to travel even to a dr office like I am sometimes...that is nearly impossible...
my husband bought me dragon fly for my computer so I can talk and it will print..only problem is that I am typing this in bed on iPad and cannot get to computer to sit!
you might find your wife would love to help you record the happier days of your life!..and your thoughts about what is going on now!
Take care and try to think good thoughts..
Blessings..I am thinking about you and your wife and family..she loves you!
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You dear man, I wish I could do something for you, but i can at least offer some advice, maybe ask your doctor to prescribe your Ocycontin 3 times a day rather than 2 times a day. With your ailments and age, I would hope that your doctor wouldn't say no to you. Let us know how it goes. Take care and god bless.
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