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Screams, cries from pain


My son is 15 month old.He screams,cries,streches himself very hard sometimes for around 30 minutes due to urine blockage,he feels relaxed after passing urine.We are not able to control him at that time and its not regular.Sometimes it happens in 15 days,sometimes 30 days.Doctor says blockage is due to skin stickening,but in that case he should always have problem in urinating.But its not like so.What is the reason and how it should be resolved?

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My son has not had that problem but his doctor has told us that if you do not pull back his foreskin ever time he is changed that it can cause problems.  If you haven't been advised to do this I would try that.  Also I use a cream called Aquafor, it can be bought at Walmart and it helps keep his skin moist around that area.  I hope this helps.  I know it can be frustrating so keep your spirit up and just know that this is only temporary :)

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Hi Suchita,

I am so sorry to hear about your son's discomfort. I am no how qualified to offer suggestions about a 15 month old. There is a pediatric forum on MedHelp that may provide you better answers. When our children are in pain, we are too. It is frightening and heart wrenching when they are in pain and we are unable to sooth them.

What I do know is if you are not satisfied with your son's physicians answers please find another. Is he seeing a pediatric urologist? If not I would certainly make an appointment with one for a complete work up. If he is seeing one than you may want to see another. You must be your child's advocate.

Good luck to you. And please check out our pediatric site where I am hopeful you will receive better answers.. Take care, Tuck
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