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Shoulder pain after IV

A week from today, I went to the hospital after days of intense pain and swelling in my lower stomach and fevers. While there, I received blood tests, an ultrasound and an internal exam. This revealed that I had a burst ovarian cyst that released blood into my stomach. In order to do the ultrasound, the doctor told me I had to have a full bladder and therefore, hooked me up to an IV to recieve fluids. I was then discharged with the official diagnosis of "ovarian cyst" and given no painkillers or any other treatment. When I arrived at home, I was still in a lot of pain and had fevers and headaches also. I also started to experience a dull, severe pain in my right shoulder. This pain reminded me of a pain I used to experience for seconds at a time, years ago when I would run for miles and drink tons of water, however MUCH WORSE. About two days later the pain in my stomach started to go away, however it is now a week later and I still have constant headaches and an intense pain in my right shoulder. It hurts TREMENDOUSLY whenever I laugh or caugh. It also hurts much worse when I lay on my right side or on my back. What could this be ? Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Jonnasaays,

    Sorry to hear you had such a painful experience without any pain support.
First let me say,  If the pain makes it difficult to breath, your chest tightens, you have shooting pains down your arm, your jaw or ear begin to hurt or your arms or hands become tingly or numb go back to the ER right away. The pain is on your right side and these other symptoms can mean heart trouble
My first thought was that abdominal and stomach pain are known to effect the chest area which includes the shoulders. Sometimes abdominal problems are known to originate in the upper body.
The shoulder also has a trigger point which makes it very sensative to muscle tighness, such as holding your body a certain way when in pain. Without even knowing it we tighten all of our muscles and hold our body in different positions as a defense against pain. Especially with abdominal and stomach pain because it is our core and we cannot do anything without involving the core of our bodies.
There are different types of cysts. The ones which release blood when ruptur are called hemorregic and endometriod cysts. I am no DR but am a little confused as to how the ruptured cyst delivered blood into your stomach. Ovarian Cysts are in the abdominal cavity and when they rurture fluid or in your case blood can be seen throughout that open abdominal cavity. But the stomach is closed off and attached to the intestines. The only way into the stomach is through the esophugus or intestines.
Maybe I'm just confused and you or someone else can explain it to me.

I'm really upset they gave you nothing to take home for pain. When a cyst ruptures pain can be extream. I'm sorry you had to deal with that pain without any pain medication.

I'm glad you are feeling better and hopr your shoulder pain goes away soon. Just keep an eye out for other symtoms like I described above. Whenever there is pain in the upper right body it should be paid close attention too.


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i had a CT dont to see why if i had a blood clot anywhere.they told my that the fluide in the IV was thick but it would be ok.I let them start the scan ,a few seconds later i left pain in my arm.they toldme that there was no problems and i should keep still the pain only got worse.after all was done.the tech come to remove my IV and noticed my arm had swollen, and was red. from that day until now,my shoulder has this pain.i tried to work it out at the gym or to keep it moving but it only gotten worse.what should i do???
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This is an old thread. The poster is most likely not active anymore. If you would like to contact them you might try a PM.

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