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What's does a PMP 15 Panel used for?

I got my labs and there are some new things checked. One is a PMP Panel 15. The Laboratory is Solstas that takes my blood, urine, and sometimes air to check my levels. I usely have about 19 things checked, but this time there are more. I looked up PMP 15 panel, and it talks about LC-MS/MS testing. Exactly what is that used for? It seems like a data base to keep track of ppl. An urinalysis, comp is already checked so is this more urine or blood? Or is it both? I just wanna know why & how it's completed. I don't u understand how liquid chromatography mass spectrum is performed. Seems like it's to monitor ppl, and I'm all for that but it's confusing about how they dissect the patients labs, and how the data is collected and stored. I take all my meds, but if it says 2-4 a day I might take 2 and only more if needed. If it's gonna show that my levels are low I'll take more but rather keep doing it how it's written. Can anyone tell me how it works, how, and why? Ty
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Interesting reading  about the UA's. Can they detect levels of the opiates w Urine? I thought it had to be a blood draw for the levels(?)
I always wondered. I've never had a bad report but my levels are not exact.  I don't know any of us chronic pain ppl who's pain levels are the same each day, so sometimes I will HAVE TO  take one of my IR's from another day just to be able to get through a task or activity. Then when that day comes I have to do w one less. Will that show on a UA?  My PMP has never drawn blood. Thanks much, God Bless
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In the LC-MS/MS testing it is Urine that is utilized for drug screening. Your initial sample should have been enough to preform any testing they requested.

If I understand your information correctly the PMP panel is blood. Again they should have drawn enough to preform any ordered testing.

Labs have devices that are capable of measuring different levels in our body fluids. Just like they can check your Glucose Levels - to determine if you are a diabetic - they can check many other levels. Exactly how this is done, I cannot explain. It's chemistry.

Our body metabolites a lot of things, medications are just one of them. It's a complex system and would take longer than you or I have here to begin to explain it. Place " Boby's Metabolism" in your Search Engine. This will help explain the process.

Drugs, medications - what ever one would like to call them metabolize (utilized by our body) at different rates. Our body breaks these substances down and uses it. Often what's left in our system is the remnant of the drug. Some of the drug remains in our system, detectable at different levels or half lives. How much of the drug remains - along with which drug tells the lab tech what we have consumed in the last days, weeks and sometimes longer, depending on the drug. This is often called a half life.    

Medications also break down (metabolites) into various chemical substances that may not be exactly what we consumed - but it's an expected metabolite.

I apologize for not being astute at explaining this. Chemistry was and is my weak suit. I have a general understanding - but have great difficultly trying to explain it.

Again - if I understand your question and post correctly - the lab should require no further samples from you to do the ordered screenings or testing. Now if they have a question about a particular level they may request a repeat specimen but this is not the norm.

I hope I have been of help. If you have more questions - or I am not clear - please feel free to reword your question and I'll do my best.

Take Care,
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hi Roolx,

I understand your concern. Medical testing is done in a "different language" than we are accustomed to. I think your lab screens are perfectly on the up and up. Let me see if I can help you a bit. It's been awhile since I've interrupted lab results. Different labs sometimes use different terms than other labs. So what is a SMA 12 at one lab might be a Chem 12 at another and before that they were known as SMAC. It can be confusing. These are all general health screens.

BMP means Basic Metabolic Panel. Chemistry Panels are used to determine a person's general health status - and are routinely ordered.  I think the PMP is a form - or another term for a BMP.

The LC-MS/MS testing refers to Drug Screening.  Liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) has seen enormous growth in clinical laboratories during the last 10–15 years. It's considered analytical specificity superior to other forms of UDT (Urinary Drug Testing). Most professionals agree that the test is 99-100% accurate. It's also costly! It will tell exactly which opiates (and other drugs) are in your system and at what levels. Exactly how these tests are preformed would require a lab technologist to explain in detail - or at least someone with more lab/chemistry knowledge than I.

You asked, "An urinalysis, comp is already checked so is this more urine or blood?" A UA - or Urinalysis is a urine and not a blood test. The lab should have all the urine they require with one specimen.  

Your results will be available for years. I am not sure how long they "store" the samples. It's my understanding it's a very short time - until they have collected all the data. Imagine if they kept everyone's specimens! It'd be a storage nightmare!

As far as taking just the 2 tablets per day and it's as ordered there should be no issue. The only concern I can see is the amount of tablets you're provided - here's the concern. If you are ordered 120 tablets per month (4 per day) and you only take 60 tablets a month - and you refill each month - the PMP will want to know about the remaining 60 tablets. They may reduce the amount of tablets ordered each month. That's the only issue I can see.

We are all a bit paranoid in today's opiate phobic society. I understand and I am also. Obama just discussed the opiate issues in our culture - of course he was referring more to Heroin but you've heard it! It's believed that "pain pills" leads to addiction and addiction leads to Heroin. That's not totally true - nor is it as simple as it sounds. Many of us require opiate therapy and we never become addicts. Indeed statistics for years said that less than 4% of Chronic Pain Patients ever become addicts. They now try to hid those statistics.    

So our friend in pain - I hope something I have offered has been of help. If you have more questions - or if I wasn't clear please feel free to ask again. I'll look forward to hearing more from you. Best of Luck!

Take Care,
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That's a great response.. So the UA, is urine used to test a drug screen. Does the PMP panel use the same sample of urine or how does it use my blood? I don't understand how my levels are checked, after they metabolize in my body. If I read it correctly the PMP checks specific medicines and the amounts of 1/2 life. So do they use your urine to check that or take another blood sample?
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