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Why aren't pain meds working?

I have had 5 shoulder surgeries for an unstable rotator cuff. My last surgery was 10-08, did well for 7 weeks and tore again. In the past I have taken Vicodin, percocet, steriods, and Naproxen. Why haven't any of these worked? I have also tried Physical therapy, acupunture, and suction cupping. I am still tearing the rotator cuff and experiencing instability with extreme pain. I am in my late 30's and used to pitch (windmill) for many years.
I need to reduce my pain level before I lose my mind. Please I am willing to try any suggestions. Thank you
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Hi Dawn, sorry you are in pain. Jolly, Tuck, and charbie all gave you good advice and I agree with what they said - a good pmp can help you. Sounds to me like you keep reinjuring the shoulder - I'm sure you know this, but you've got to give that shoulder a rest! Also, ice might help. As for the narcotics - I have nerve pain that narcotics don't really touch. A medication like Lyrica or Neurotin might work better, I don't know - I'm not a doctor, but your pmp can tell you whether that's something you could try. Good luck!
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I agree with Jolly a good PM is worth there weight in gold. But try to take it easy believe you me I know how hard that can be. I busted the stitch in my nephrostomy it was hell to just get a single stitch put back in! But getting over that obstacle and moving onto a PM Dr would be great for you to do.

Good Luck

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Thanks you for writing. I live in NY state and we do have PMP who prescribe as well as treat. I have been to 2 already. The one here in NY was more interested in giving me injections in the hospital. I tried them 3 times and it did not help. The one in NJ had kept me pain free for 3 months with different meds and a procedure in his office. I was very happy for the 3 months but the pain returned nas did the new tear. It is hard to get to him since he is over 2 hours away. I have been working with my surgeon but he his hard to reach and he is over an hour away.
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Hi Dawn,

Welcome to the Pain Management Forum. I am glad that you found us but sorry to hear about the pain with your rotator cuff and repeated tear.

It is my guess that the reason the pain continues and if difficult to control is because you keep re-injuring the rotator cuff.

Jollyman has a good suggestion. It appears that your pain may or has become chronic. If you live in a state that PMP treat and prescribe pain medication than I would certainly seek the advice of one. In WI they do not prescribe, nor recommend pain medications.

Best of luck to you. Please let us know how you are doing. Tuck
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are you going to a pain mangement dr?? if not i would ee if your dr will refer you to one.. i fought chronic back pain for many years and finally got sent to my pain dr and he has been a god send..they are very good at what they do.. he might not get you totally out of pain but i would bet the house on it that he can get it under control so your are at least comfortable
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