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chest pain(left side-above stomach), dizziness, bloating, tingling..someone please help!!!

I am a 24 yr. old male, about one and a half months ago, i had a spell at work, i type on the computer all day, the spell consisted of fogginess and blurred vision, severe chest pain, along with being severely bloated....About my past, when i was 14 i was diagnosed with Wolff Parkinson White syndrome, which was fixed by an emblation(ballon surgery), the symptoms that i am having are exactly the same as they were before i went into the seizure, which was when the WPW was discovered, here it is a month and a half later, still same problems except, the headaches are much much more severe and is starting in the right side of my neck chich i think might be tention. i have been to the ER twice and went to see a local Physician, all saying they cant see nothing wrong, that it is mostly anxiety, the thing is I have the spells all day, whether it is one symptom or the other. I am hoping that someone can relate.  i believe the  cause was due to a strain i received during a moving process when i lifted a TV by myself, but i am in fairly good shape. Some please let me know if they can relate to anything? Thank you and god bless..
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Hi Tonkaboy,

      Have you been to a DR other than a normal internest. Maybe going to see someone who specializes in WPW could help find an answer to what is happening. Or seeing a neurologist to have some tests done.
Its really frustrating when symptoms are chalked up to anxiety or sometimes depression and brushed off.
If you feel that there is something wrong, dont let anyone brush you aside and what your going through off. You deserev answers and to be healthy.
My advice to you would be to get a second opinion and if that goes no where, a second and third opinion. Dont give up. Getting another opinion means a new set of ideas and thoughts from a DR and sometimes thats what it takes to get to the answer.

I hope your able to find the answres to stop this from happening. Please let us know what your able to find if you can.

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thanks for your reply of interest, that is what i want so badly, but like most average people, the insurance issue is the number one thing stopping me from doing such a thing, and when you go see a DR they seem to not show as much interest when they see that you are not insured. but i am scheduled to see a Cardiologist on the 12th of this month, But when you have been dealing with these kind of symptoms for as long as I have that seems like forever and a day. But thanks so much for your interest "TOOMANYADVIL", and God bless!
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Have you ever had panic attacks? Alot of your symptoms could be related. If you have had all the necessary cardiac work done ask the Dr about this. The treatment is normally a drug like paxil or zoloft to name a couple. I wish you luck, keep us posted:)
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