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pudental neuralgia?

I am going to a rehab tomorrow to get off all Opiates and Benzos.  Anyone have pudental neuralgia or pudental entrapment and who can suggest anything besides addictive substsances?
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I need to get off  the narcotics, because they aren't helping that much (you need more and more to work), they are dangerous, I need a nerve block which the pain dr. says won't help with the narcotics in me, and I am an addict which could lead to abuse.
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Hello Krisssy:

When suffering with pain, why would you want to stop useing your pain medication when it benefits you? Or is it benefiting you?

There are a number of meds on the market that can help. You might want to google your condition and try and learn all you can about it. Sometimes that helps.

My best,
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Hi Krissy,
I do wish you the best of luck with your future treatments.  I haven't gotten a chance to read your profile yet, and saw you question randomly.  I wanted to mention or ask if you've ever tried natural herbs like vitamins or minerals?  Ive just recently been researching magnesium and the lack of it in our bodies.  Its an interesting topic to say the least.  Something to think about anyway.  Sometimes coming off pain killers tends to cause pain in the body, that is a bad side of withdrawal.  Everything will be alright.  What won't kill you will make you stronger.

Better times will come,
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