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Baby Has Lesions on Skin, Brain, Spleen, Spine; Cannot Find Diagnosis

Ellie has multiple lesions on her skin, brain, spleen, and spine. The lesions on her brain and spine have started bleeding. After months of tests Doctors still have not been able to find a proper diagnosis. She is currently on medication to "buy time" while Doctors try to find an alternate solution to radiation, but time is running out.

Ellie's family appreciates anyone who can provide answers or even share this story to hopefully find a diagnosis and cure before little Ellie has to use her last option: Chemo.
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I am so sorry I have been doing some research online and as you say its difficult to find any answers, have you seen other Doctors , specialists what about the big hospitals ?
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Yes there have been reviews done by Boston Children's and Seattle Children's but no conclusions yet, just that it's not any of the possible diseases they originally thought it could be. Yesterday she had a seizure, which the Dr.s said was unfortunately a common side effect from the Prednisone. At this point there are still no answers :(
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Dear girl ...I hope you find some dont give up researching, asking especially other families, have you a support group?
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Has she been in contact with anything new lately....any chemicals, drugs, vaccines....etc....?
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How old is Ellie?
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Could the cause be viral?
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