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Colostomy of my new born, lets talk..

My baby was admitted last December 18 and had an operation last December 19. The doctors found out that he has an HD. Now, he has a colostomy and anyone can provide tips, ideas, or any thoughts you know with my situation is highly appreciated.

I am so sad, worried, troubled and really do not know what to do.

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I have been looking to see if we have a forum may late to Hirschsprungs and colostomy ..I have also out it into the search engine and there is quite a bit of information up there, you may be able to find a support group with others going through the same.I can imagine how you feel I am going to do some research and see what I can find out may help you .
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Thank you so much.. if you can please do so as for now I really do not have time to spend on line or on the computer. My attention is with my baby's fast and complete recovery.. Thank you
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There is indeed much information about it online , with him so young I think you will have to go by the directions the doctors give you , a support group would be good to join and I am checking that out,I hope hes a bit stronger very day will make a difference .I have found something called babycenter.com the link is   community.babycenter.com/groups/.../hirschsprungs_disease_and_ot       seems to be other parents/Moms with babies with similar  
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If you do facebook they seem to also have support family group thats worth checking out.
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Her baby is still under medication and is estimated to be in the hospital until early next year.

There will be a series of activities in connection with this.Our friends and colleagues are yet to set a venue. There will be concert for a cause, nail art's, tshirt Printing, Bikini Car wash, Henna and a lot more so to prepare for the amount needed for the next operation.

In behalf of Liz..

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I will check that out ..Thank you so much!
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Yes, I do have facebook too. You have one also? you can add me. leichard_xean***@****. Thanks.
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no I dont have an account with face book I found it on google ..as you will see the emails do not come up here. I am so glad baby is doing better, I am sure he will thrive ..
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Today, I went to the office with a much lighter feeling because my Baby Dreih has been doing great with his colostomy. I was able to find ways also to lessen my expenses as ostomy appliance and products in the Philippines is just so expensive and is rare to find.

I realized that in life, no matter how solitary, depressed a person you may seem to be, there are many things that we can be thankful for. Seemingly mundane actions have the potential to make big changes in our future. Thus, we should be keen in recognizing all the things, no matter how small, that we should be grateful for.

I am thankful and grateful for what had happend. It made me a better mother to my children.
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Thank you for the update on Baby Dreih You have a great attitude of opitimism and it will get you through many challenges life throws at us ,you are right there are many things we can be thankful for ..
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Know what? I was able to fine a community group/forum for ostomates..The site is great and they have been helping me, giving me tips, advices and brilliant ideas. I log on there most of the times. It is c3life.com.

Got to be that way.. no one will be ..for me.. Take care

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That's good news you found a site with support its a great help when one is struggling to get info and knowing other parents are doing the same ..Let us know how Baby Dreih is doing .
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Time passed by so fast. This month is suppose to be mybaby dreih's reversal or operation but because we do not have enough budget for teh operation we planned to postponed it. He is doing great and bigger now. He is our handsome angel!
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Sounds like he is doing well,  have you any pics up of him?Will hospital  not work out a plan for payment so you can have the operation done, have you tried getting help ?  
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Hi.. been a long time.. Yes I do have pictures of him.. when Ihave time I will post some in here..

We don;t have payment plans in the Philippines and I have nmot tried getting help as I donu where and whom..

I miss this site..
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I am glad to hear he is doing well, its a shame there is no healthcare plan where you live ..in the US folks can get help from free clinics and also if they go to the ER its a shame the same doesnt happen in the Phillipines ...a Pic of him on your site would be nice .
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