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Foot odor smells like fart/poop

I (M21) have had foot odor-type patm since 2017.

Basically my foot odor isnt like your typical musty shoe odor. Most of the times it smells like farts (even though I havent farted), sometimes it smells like curry and sometimes like smoke.

I live in a tropical climate and I've noticed that  the fart-like odor intensifies when my feet are sweating (which is pretty much all the time).

Is this fecal body odor syndrome? Or is it just a hygiene related problem (the odor reduces somewhat when I exfoliate my heels properly and use alum deodorant. But the stink returns with greater intensity once the effect of the deodorant wears off)?

My question to you is this: Am I suffering from metabolic malodor (like FBO) or is it a hygiene issue?
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It sounds like Tmau. If it is then this odor doesn't only occur when your feet sweat, but when you get hot it comes through your pores. Google it so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about.
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